Star of David How did the significance of thIs star Change during the holocaust?

Forced to Wear

All Jewish people were forced to wear the Star of David, by the Nazis. This is how the other people, including the Nazis, could distinguish who was Jewish and who wasn't. If the Jewish disobeyed this rule, and didn't wear the Star of David, they would pay the consequences.

Disobeying the Rules

The consequences from not wearing the Star of David were to be punished. Some Jewish were killed, either shot right away, or murdered. Others, were imprisoned, or they would have to pay a fine. Sometimes, they were just humiliated. Of course, this was very little, compared to being killed, or imprisoned for 6 months.

Different Stars from Different Cities, and States


There are many more stars. Just like these are different stars, there are still similar in many ways, physically, and emotionally. They are all shaped like the Star of David, they are all yellow. But the most important thing, they all represented humiliation. This star, was the symbol that represented the Jewish, and now all they represent, is humiliation, and a time of periods where the biggest injustice happened.

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