No Clean Water By: Macy Brisbane

Some places in Africa are left with no clean water. These people have to boil their water on the stove before drinking it.

1 in 3 have a proper drainage system. Only 63% have access to piped water and 93% have cell phone service.

"In a lot of communities all over Africa people can talk on phones, but can't turn on a light, a faucet, or flush a toilet. And they may be going hungry." -Winnie Mitullah

a boy carrying a pail of water from a river

currently almost 1 billion people don't have ACCESS to safe drinking water. and today people are still looking for it. it is so bad that in saharan, africa there are people suffering because of WATERBORNE DISEASE. education is being lost because of it.

  • In Sub-Saharan, Africa 500 Children die a day to diseases. The diseases are caused by the lack of clean water.
  • "It would cost about $30 billion a year to bring sanitation and clean water to central and west africa."- ACCORDING to UNICEF
  • Bill Gates and his wife made water issues a priority of his foundation.
a cup of dirty river water

In order to make their water safe enough to drink, these people must boil their water before they are able to drink it. But first they have to walk miles at a time to get the water.

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