Lose the Waste Project Plastic Recycling project

Corrie primary and Nursery School embarked upon a whole school project to inform the school and local community to reduce the amount of plastic they were using. We were inspired by the fact our local river, the River Tame, was polluted by plastic and was deemed the worst in the UK.

Children and staff wanted to demonstrate their concerns about the amount of plastic waste and the consequent pollutant effects both in the local are and globally. The School Arts Ambassadors and Eco Committee helped to organise a school wide response using recycled waste inventively and passing on a message of hope for a better future. Every class from Nursery to year six got involved.

Nursery performed an 'Under the Sea' show and made instruments out of recycled materials.
Reception class invited their parents to make 'flying parachutes' from recycled materials.

Year 1 made a dance to 'singing in the rain' after creating umbrellas using recycled plastic.

Year 2s 'Under the Sea' art work using recycled plastic material found.
Year 2 created sea creatures
More sea creature animals using recycled plastic materials
Each year group went Litter Picking in the community to make sure our local area was free from rubbish and it was clean. We raised a whopping £543!
Year 3 explored the rubbish collected, kept a tally chart of it and then created posters to put up in the community to persuade people NOT to drop any litter
Year 4 made recycled clothes for the fashion show.
Year 5 designed our own fashion clothes using recycled plastic bags. We wove them around a loom and then ironed them to melt it. We could then sew the pieces together to make an outfit. Year 5 wrote persuasive letters to Michael Gove to try and inform him of the impact of plastic pollution.

Year 5 were appalled by the amount of plastic in our local environment and that the Government are not doing anything drastic to reduce the problem. Children wrote to the Government to show their passion and energy and to persuade them to further reduce single use plastic. They tweeted their work to Michael Gove.

Year 6 looked at the impact of plastic around the world and made videos of them.

The Whole school took part in a celebratory assembly to share all our fantastic learning. The children showed off their homework and outfits, made from recycled plastic, in a fashion show.

Corrie Primary and Nursery school were lucky to receive support from local businesses and parents. Brother donated two sewing machines for using school and parents made cotton tote bags as an alternative to plastic bags. Costa Coffee have donated reuseable cups for parents to use during coffee mornings at school.

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