Matilda Book by Roald Dahl and project by Brandyn Gordon



Matilda is a five year old girl, who realizes she has an amazing power. Her parents do not really care about her. Her teacher is super nice, and her headmistress could care less about her.

Matilda from the movie

Miss Honey is Matilda's teacher at the Crunchem Hall Elementary School. Miss Honey is the teacher of the lowest form. She is super nice to all the children.

Miss honey in the movie

The Trunchbull is the headmistress of Crunchem Hall Elementary School. She is very rude and mean to all the kids. Matilda thinks that she is worthy of killing Miss (Jenny) Honey's dad, Magnus. The Trunchbull's real name is Agatha.

The Trunchbull in the movie

Not much is known about Magnus, Miss Honey's dad. In the book, Miss Honey tells Matilda that Magnus may have killed himself. Thought Matilda believes that The Trunchbull killed him.

Matilda's parents don't really care about her. They have two kids, Matilda who is five, and Mike/Michael who is ten. In the movie, Matilda was adopted. Matilda's parents wish they never knew her. Matilda's mom cares about her just a little more than her dad.

Matilda's parents in the movie.

Summary: Matilda is a five year old girl who learns to read at an early age. She learned to read at age 3. When she is five, she attends Crunchem Hall Elementary School, Where she meets her teacher, Miss Honey. Miss Honey is a super nice teacher who is kind to all the kids in her class. Matilda's headmistress though, is completely different from Miss Honey. The headmistress, also known as The Trunchbull is very rude to all the kids. When The Trunchbull is rude to Matilda though, Matilda finds out she has an amazing power. She uses this power to its full potential. In the book, Matilda loses this power. But in the movie she keeps it. In both the book and movie, Matilda's family moves away, but Matilda stays with Miss Honey.

Problem: The problem in the book and movie is simple. Two words. The Trunchbull. The Trunchbull is super mean to all the kids in the school. When The Truncbull approaches Matilda though, Matilda finds out she has a remarkable power.

Solution: Part 1: Matilda Strikes Back

Matilda uses her power to its potential. She makes The Truncbull scared by writing things on the whiteboard that makes The Trunchbull think Magnus wrote it. After seeing it, The Trunchbull passes out.

Solution: Part 2: The Trunchbull Is Missing!

Miss Honey and Matilda go to The Trunchbull's house, only to find that it is empty! So, Miss Honey moves into the house, and Matilda is a welcome visitor. But soon, Matilda's family moves away, But Matilda's parents let Matilda stay with Miss Honey.

Setting: One setting is Matilda's house. This is where she lives with her parents and brother.

Another setting is Matilda's school: crunchem hall elementary school.


Why does Matilda keep her power in the movie, but not in the book?

Why does Mr and Mrs Wormwood hate Matilda?

Thanks to...

Adobe spark, for making this project possible.

Ms. Batista, for showing us how to make these projects.

My fellow students, for being a great audience.

Thank You For Listening!!!


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