The Domino Attack by: chandlyr davis & pervis brunson

During our project Pervis and I had many fails. Including completely starting over our whole project multiple times.

stage 1: making of the rampThe ramp we used was an inclined plane
Stage 2: Dominos we used items as a wedge to prop up our ramp and also in side of the ramp were a few wedges
Glow: The ramp really worked well in our project. Grow: I think the hardest part was probably getting the marble to stay in a straight line because the marble kept getting off the track and did not hit the dominos due to this we had to add make alterations to our domino pattern. Pervis designed most of the cast and i did most of the digital work. We used the design process when we were design process to easily get through the steps in order. Me and Pervis did very well together we used a lot of team work to do this.


Created with images by bevashurst - "domino game counters"

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