DisneyUniverse The happiest place among all the stars...

The community seal! Free Ice cream for all the community!

Purpose: We believe that everyone should be happy! We want to brighten everyone's day!

Rules and Guidlines

1- You can drive go-karts from 8 am to 9 pm with goofy.

2- No curfew allowed!

3- Must spend 3 hours in your house every day!

4- There is no currency!

5- Must go to daily meetings! Directed by Captain Hook.

6- You are eaten by Simba after your 10th wrong/penalty.

7- You can fly with Peter Pan or Alladin once a month.

8- Must be 16 to get married. Married in the castle.

9- Must be 20 to have kids.

10- Must have fun and be happy!


Must have applied for a membership

Must be able to keep self control

Must keep the rules/guidelines

Location: A beautiful tropical island in the Caribean bought by Disney in 2020.


When our day starts, some members may already be out in the park. Since there is no curfew, some may not sleep. There is breakfast hour at 9am, where families take time to eat. When they are finished they have free-time/playtime. This free-time lasts until 1, and then lunch hour begins. After lunch the community gathers together in the castle courtyard for the daily meeting. We will discuss rules and go over any new news. This will also be the time to introduce new community members.

After the meetings, the members then have more free time. This lasts until 9 pm. The household hours begin at 9. You will return home and cook dinner. Then your family can sleep. You must spend at least 3 hours at home. You then can go to the community activity (optional) if you would like. This is held daily at 12 am.


Our community has a monarchy. This person is called Chief Disney. The reason we do this is because we want one person to be in charge. There will still be a committee but the Chief makes all big decisions.

Why is Disney Universe such an amazing place to live?

Overall, our community is such a fun place to live. We have everything you could possibly ever want. The only sadness ever involved is when your favorite ride breaks down. We would love to have you join. With an easy application, you could become a member in no time! APPLY TODAY!


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