Maori Culture ROSHAN 8E

The gods the maori believe in they have over 15 gods they believe in Ao the god of light and living Auahituroa god of fire Punga god of all ugly things these gods are just a few gods of all the gods!
Most Maori tribes ate there foes as a scare tactic so the other tribes fear them and dont attack them.The Maori only did that not to eat but to scare.Some Maori tribes took human flesh as a meal for visitors,And also for special occasions.
How did the Europeans affect new zealand.The europeans first came to new zealand in 1642 he came to new zealand in search for minerals he sent men out to ask what this place was and his men were killed by Maori.Later on 1840 the Maori and European lived in peace until some Europeans came with diseaseand killed some of the Maori people.
The Maori culture is very rich with celebrations the haka is performed at many celebrations another celebration is carving and tattooing and also another one is stories and legends also big feasts called hangi
It was believed that the maori first came around 1000 years ago from Hawkiki but it cannot be found on the map but close to the south pacific ocean the first person came to New Zealand was kupu after that alot of people from other polynesian island came as well. They stayed there in New Zealand and the population kept growing.
How did the european treat the Maori the Maori first treated the Maori as savages.but later on they found out the Maori was a good trading source food and fruit but later in 1814 the european brought diseases and started the civil war where alot of Maori died. The european and Maori live in peace.

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