Digital Design vs The World

THE BRIEF: design, plan and shoot a motion graphics sequence, using appropriate motion graphics and video compositing techniques. The sequence must be a minimum of 15 seconds long.



This is a 2D motion graphics animation. The company that uploaded this animation is called 'Everpix', and this is the only piece that they have done. The company is all about organizing your photos, using different algorithms and camera analyzing software to sort your photos into groups. The beginning of the video starts off with cameras, evolving into a more advanced camera, until eventually getting too a smart phone. This shows the audience that technology is ever changing and soon there will be more ways to take pictures of objects, and new ways to display them. The Next part of the animation shows other various types of technology and social media surrounding Everpix logo. The logo symbolizes the population, because near enough everyone on earth is surrounded by technology. This animation is all about photos and images that people have took, and different ways of viewing them, and possibly editing them. The main point of this video, is about posting images using social media and online services. Using these, people can contact family and friends. The smartphone at the start of the animation contains a very small bevel around the edge, which makes the phone seem thicker, which also makes the phone look 3D.

The colour pallette for this motion graphics are; pink, orange, yellow and red, with white, black and a lot of dark grey. They use the orange a lot in the animation for the photos and some parts of the technology. They use a gradient in the 'Everpix' logo which contains red/pink, orange and yellow. These four colours are very warm, they make the viewer feel comfortable. The animation uses a dark grey background for the first 20 seconds. This is because anything on top of the dark grey will stand out easier because most of the cameras and photos all use brighter colours, like white and orange. However, when the background changes to a more lighter colour like a light orange, the photos will no longer stand out, instead they blend in which means the animators needed to do something that meant they would be easy to see. So they added a white outline around each of the photos. They also used white typography during the time that the background was a light orange. They colour each photo differently to show that each of the photos are different. Finally, at the end of the animation, they have their company name on top of the gradient style background(pink/red, orange and yellow). The company name is in white and is made of big bold letters, which makes the name stand out from everything else. They also added a drop shadow to the typography so that it looks 3D and it is off the screen.

The animation not having motion blurs, doesn't make it realistic. They've probably done this to make the animation more cartoonistic. The motion being smooth and it not having motion blur, make the animation look a lot cleaner. This is another thing that make the animation look more aesthetically pleasing and pleasant to watch. The design choice is very simple, very little colors, no shading with block colors. However, there are some gradients, in the Everpix logo, and the screens on the PC and phones and other technology. I think the animation is simple, because the company want a wide range of people to use the software. If it was too dark certain people might not like it, if it was too pointy and/or a lot of complex shapes, people might not find it as appealing as it is with basic shapes and colors.

My personal thoughts on this animation are that I think it has good transitions and a good use of colour. I like the transition because they make it look a lot more professional, I also think having good transition can make it easy to follow the animation and what the animation is saying. I like the use of colour because they have used the same colour pallet throughout the animation, with exceptions to black and white, and some dark grey areas. I think this animation gets its point across because it uses a lot of visual aids to help people understand what the software is all about , which makes it easy for different kinds of people to understand. This animation doesn't particularly have a target audience, it is however mainly aimed at family because of the amount of photos they take when on holiday. Or it could just be fore someone who has collected a lot of photos over a long period of time that needs them sorting through. Overall, it's aimed at someone who takes a lot of photos, who doesn't have time to organise them. I think having a shadow below the cameras at the start of the animation makes the camera seem separate from the animation, which gives the animation a 3 Dimensional feel. You could say that at the start of the animation, each of the cameras is morphing into the next, which is another contributing factor as to why the transitions ion this animation looked so smooth.

The content in this video is about a film, in which everyone has the ability to fight amazingly. Due to this, whenever someone gets hit, comical words will appear around them like; KAPOW and THONK. They also appear in everyday situations like when a phone rings, or when the doorbell goes. The point in this motion graphics is to give a comical aspect to the film. Doing this makes it more funny because at some points the fight scene freezes and you get to see what facial expressions people are pulling. Adding the comical words into the film also exaggerates the fight scenes, which is also something that makes the animation a lot funnier.

The colour pallet for the motion graphics is a large mix, a lot of blue and red, some light pink and a lot of black and white text, which I think personally stands out in most frames. The shapes of the lettering vary on what scenario it is, if it is a happy moment, then the letters might have curved corners which makes it less threatening, whereas if it is a more serious occasion, then the lettering might have more sharper corners to appear more threatening. Almost all the letters are moving from the background into the foreground which shows perspective. There is a lot of motion in the animations, none of the words are standing still, and if they are staying in the same spot they may be using position tweening. Having the animations fade in and then fade out makes it look a lot more clean, and it makes the animations flow a lot more, I also think this makes it seem more comical. There is a lot of motion blur in the animations because they are moving fairly fast, and also because if they staring moving in the background and move into the foreground, the ones at the back should be blurred to show perspective. When the words start to fade in, you could count that as motion blue because the fade is at the back which makes it seem like it is moving. When every there is movement words or letters there is always motion blur. The first clip in the video contains a lot of motion blur because they're moving so fast. Also, whenever there is motion graphics on the screen, they can't just disappear suddenly, they need to fade out, slowly changing the opacity down to 0%. This just makes it look more comical than them suddenly disappearing.

I think the motion has been designed the way it has been because not having the words move around a lot make it easy to read. And if the words are moving fast, the frame freezes and the word stands still so you can read it. The meaning behind the design choice is very comical, having the words at perspectives and having words move around gives it a very comical aspect. The letters in the words aren't all the same shape and size, this being another reason for it looking comical. When I watch the film, or watch the motion graphics, I think it makes me feel involved with the characters, and I also feel excited because it is like a real life comic book. Right before they go on stage to perform, another group is playing before them. The guitarist is making 'D's appear from his guitar because he is playing so well. Whilst this is happening, the camera pans around so you can see Scott Pilgrim and his friends backstage. Whilst the camera is panning around, the motion graphics are still taking place, they adapt to the perspective at which we are viewing them.

My personal thoughts on this motion graphic are that it has elements of video games and comic books. The main thing I like about this is that you can exaggerate how people are feeling though visuals on the screen. For example, when the band is playing, a man starts getting annoyed, and everything that he is saying is appearing on screen, this exaggerates his feelings so people can better understand how he is feeling. This could also be interpreted as being pointless, because we don't need to have the words on the screen when we can hear the tone of his voice. Another big thing which I like about the graphics is that whenever there is a sound, that sound appears on screen in text. This is something that makes it even more comical as sounds aren't in comic books, only words. There is a lot of onomatopoeia in Scott Pilgrim because whenever there is some noise of significance, that noise appears as a word on screen, right next to the actor, or right next to where the noise is originating from. I really like the scene when they're at the bar and his girlfriend is with him. She is shocked at something he said, but instead of having he make an angry face, the animators decided to animate one on top of her face. But to do this they didn't just make it appear, they had someone walk in front of the camera as if it was a scene transition and then she had an animated face until the scene end 3 seconds later. I think this is one of the best transitions in the video.

The content in this video is like a production of a logo. The animator uses geometric shapes to make it seem mechanical and robotic, even though there are still curved sides. The animator did this to make the animation stand out from others. The fast paced transitions to each letter flow immensely well, which makes to animation easy to follow. However some people won't like the fast transitions because they are quite hard to keep up with. The animators name is Sander van Dijk and he has done a lot of animations a few tutorials. They do a lot of company animations, and some adverts, and some he made for educational purposes. He is a well respected animator who has his own website and business. The point of the motion graphic is to advertise the company, 'BUCK' whilst also making the animator well know for creating such an amazing animation.

This animation uses various amounts of colour. The lines start off white, and gradually, one by one start to change into different colors as they're moving. These colours consist of pinks, blues, yellow and reds. The animation ends with all the lines making up letters and the logo all being purple. All the lines make up the letters using triangles and curved lines. The lines don't make the letters look like they do normally, they make the letters look different, but still recognizable. The motion in this animation is really fast, however, the animating is still very smooth, and the transitions from each letter are really smooth as well, which makes the animation nice to watch. The colour purple connotes royalty, which could symbolize how well established the company is. This could also mean that they have a lot of money and resources at their disposal, which means they can create animations and graphics that other companies might not.

The company being based around design, they would have to have a good logo, and a good array of animations and images to show. I think the motion has been designed the way it has been because, it makes people want to watch it again and again because of how fast it is. I think having the lines make up the letters using geometric shapes makes the animation look more complex and professional, which leads me to believe that the company that made this animation is also a very professional company. It's quite satisfying watching this animation because of how well the animation flows and how smooth the transitions are. I think the animator made it look mechanical to show that the company is a new company with up to date technology. Also, because the transitions are fast, this could mean that the company works particularly fast when designing something for the customer.

My personal thoughts on this animation are that it is very clean. The transitions are very smooth and flow nicely between shapes. I also like the color scheme as well; solid colors with white outlines. And to finish the animation off, the text finishes in a purple color. I also like how the letters are each made up of lines and not just generic letters out of illustrator or word. Because the letters are made up of different lines and curves, it almost gives the name a geometric feeling to it, which some people like. I also like how professional the logo is, for a design/animation company, their own animations should be perfect and flawless.


3 point lighting mood board

Comic typography mood board

Scott Pilgrim visual effects mood board

8/16 bit mood board


Idea generation.

These are some simple everyday tasks that people would carryout in their everyday lives, some as simple as turning on a light switch. I wrote down a task that I thought might be interesting, and next to it wrote how I could include this, and make it into some motion graphics. After writing some ideas down, I realized that some of the ideas weren't as good as others and that I would not be using them. I eventually settle on 4 top ideas that I thought I might be able to use. Before I went any further, I sketched some images at the bottom to get a rough idea of what the motion graphic would look like. I then took those ideas into an illustrator document, got images off the internet and made images out of the ideas that I had thought of (see below).

Idea Development

This was my first attempt at making them into visual representations. I did this at the same time I was making them in illustrator to make sure that they look good. This photo contains some of the drawings that are in the image below, only these are quick sketches. This was also where I decided to use earphones and not headphones. Even though it's only a really rough sketch, on the right hand side is also where I decided I wanted to make the camera angle at 45°, because I didn't like the way it looked from the front. I was also testing ways to make speaking and shouting look different in animation, so I made 'speaking' smooth, and small, whereas I made 'shouting' bigger and more wavy.

I took my four favourite ideas and made them into visual representations. Some of them turned out better than others. The two that are highlighted (red oval behind them), are the ones that I thought were the best. So I combined them. I took the words from the first idea and added them to the fourth idea. So, instead of just having random shapes come out of the nose and mouth, I would have more appropriate images, like music notes. (Even though they weren't words, the first idea still helped to think of that idea).

After I decided what I would be making, I decided to try and see what else I could think of, that might look good in the animation. Some of them were really good, whilst some were really bad. I think the best idea I had was the various types of music notes, and the vibrations that would be caused by the music. In the bottom right hand corner, I drew a earphone with multiple of the ideas coming out of it to see what it would be like if I used a few of them at the same time. I also did this with a nose as well, as they would also be coming out of someones nose.

Again, I did this simply for a better visual representation. After making some of them in illustrator I decided that they weren't going to work, and even if they were, how would I animate them in after effects. The right hand image shows a pair of earphones with letters coming out of them. I did this because I wanted to see what it would be like if I added in some lyrics to the song into the animation. Personally, I didn't think they looked as good as what they did in my head. The lightning bolts/pyramid shapes were also a bad idea, they didn't look good on screen, and these were the first thing I tried in after effects when I got around to it, and as soon as I'd finished, I knew that I was going to want to use them.

I did this at the start of the project, to get ideas flowing and I also used it was different ways to write something. I did come back to it a few times when I was developing the letters coming out of the earphones and the illustrator visual representations of the animations when I was doing the words coming out of the mouth. This is where I got the idea to make the 'SHOUTING' be more rough that the speaking because, shouting is much more loud and vigorous than speaking.


Considering the contents in my animation, there wasn't particularly much to say or draw. There is only two camera shots; a birds eye view of the earphones and a close up of my face for me listening to music.

Rough story board

I did the rough storyboarding in my sketchbook. I did this so that I knew what I was going to do before I started drawing it on the storyboard template.

Finished Story board

My finished story board is much more neat than my rough version. I wrote the notes down under the box. This makes the story board look a lot more presentable than if everything was around the outside.

Task 5

Task 6

Evaluation for ‘Digital Design vs. the World’

For this project, I was asked to design and make a piece of motion graphics that was influenced by the film ‘Scott Pilgrim vs. The World’. The animation had to have been a minimum of 15 seconds long, which I just passed, and it had to be original footage that was shot by you or someone else in the class. I made a long list of everyday tasks that I could use as my footage, these we as simple as turning on a light switch (the list is also on this spark document). We had to do a bunch of research beforehand to get a better understanding of different types of animation; Game interfaces, Movie intro sequences, TV idents and Stings. We also had to have a basic understanding of different types of camera angles, as we would be filming them ourselves and it had to look professional. We had to make several different types of moodboards all to do with various different topics. One for camera lighting, one for typography and also a visual effects mood board which had images from ‘Scott Pilgrim vs. the World’. We also had to make story boards that would be the visual, still image representation of the animation. And the of course, we had to make the animation using after effects.

I did a few things that I really liked, some more than others. I really enjoyed messing around with the particles system ‘Particle World’, there was endless outcomes that I could end with so it was really hard to find one that I liked that also suited the animation. I couldn’t make them too big otherwise they would fill the screen and too small they wouldn’t be visible. I did make a couple of the particle system bigger that the others to show perspective and make it seem like there was also music notes in the foreground as well. I also liked playing around with the transitions, although there was only the liner wipe which I was interested in, I still couldn’t decide where to have it horizontal, vertical, at a diagonal or how much of a feather to put on it. Overall, I really enjoyed playing around with the effects in this project, and seeing all the outcomes I could come up with.

I could’ve done a few things better, for example, I could’ve added some different shapes into the mix of particles. On one hand this could’ve turned out great and look really well because I think it would’ve made it more appealing. On the other hand, too many different symbols and particles would’ve made the animation to cramped and could make the animation look terrible. If I did this project again, I would maybe add just one more symbol to make it look more appealing but not more than two symbols otherwise it would look cramped. I also could’ve made the animation actually have an ending instead of just ending. I did think about this earlier on but couldn’t come up with anything that would suffice.

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