Lactel TVC Treatment by Ahmed Alaa Eldeeb

First of all I would like to thank you for choosing me for this super fun and rich campaign that certainly attracts and intrigues any director. I think we are about to make a very entertaining campaign that will reveal a new way and approach to mother's commercials and make our brand stand out from other competitor's commercials and styles.

Overall Approach

This commercial is all about the moment and the technique! I totally am aware that the motherly moments is important in such a commercial, and the audience need to get attached to the stories, however the technique of the ad is our hero! For me what will distinguish this commercial from other competitor ones is the storytelling of the heroes in our stories along the twist that will happen in the mother's character with the help of our slow motion technique.

This is why I see we need to stress on the before and after change of character of the mother and have a balanced ad that varies between emotional sequences and a twist that turns it into a comedy. The hero of each copy will have his story said in an emotional way where audience will get attached to and see themselves through the eyes of those heroes and the SUDDENLY happens the twist. This will also require a very good VO artist that can deliver this suspense and know how to create a melody to our script. I also think that we should translate the script in a different way where the insights are new, appealing, emotional and new!


Door Sequence

Here we will start with the door sequence where the mother will be doing activities in the house, like preparing coffee, waiting by the window, we see her worried and then opens the door to find her daughter and give an emotional smile that tricks the audience that this is an emotional motherly ad and then suddenly we do the twist and zoom in at the mother's transformed reaction and then switch to the son having the door slapped in his face.

Teacher Sequence

The teacher's sequence will mainly be focusing on the suspense of the teacher at start where he is holding his pen in slow motion and making it move in a creepy way and we see the mother and son waiting for him to talk and then we see the mother's reaction from a happy face to a scary face where she gives her son a creepy look after the twist.

Friends Sequence

Here it's all about the two boys playing around shots, using mainly mud scenes or water to be visually appealing with the slow motion. We will see them fighting over in a garden or playground, then the mother's reaction to it, how she's acting motherly trying to teach both of them a lesson but then the switch where she punches the little boy's leg in her imagination.

Food sequence

The Food sequence will play mainly with the props and food elements of the kitchen, where the baby will mess around making a mess on his table and the mother acting so cute at start and playing along and then suddenly we see the baby smiling and interacting and here comes the twist with the mom's attitude that rushes to put the spoon in the baby's mouth and we finish with the baby crying because of how bad this food tastes.


This will be a reference for the mother's transformation looks after the twist while we zoom in on her face and specifically eyes to show how from an emotional mother she turned into a character that does not do have ways.

Reference for Mother's Transformation

This will be a reference for the character's attitude.

This is a slow motion reference for the crash in zoom and facial effect.

Reference for Kid's look
Art direction & wardrobe

To my opinion since we have a slow motion technique in use, this means that all the props, and art direction of the place needs to be used and chosen wisely to be visually nice with our slow motion. For example the usage of liquids in the home sequence would be smart, the use of mud or sand in the friends sequence where the two young boys fight, the use of food and mess in the kitchen and food sequence and finally in the teacher's sequence we could use other props in the art direction to make its usage look nice.

As for the wardrobe and art direction themselves, I picture them to be bright and very stylized, making the characters stand out in contrast to the background and the set design has to be very well chosen, to give the copy a great sense of art direction.

camera movement & Technique

As we mentioned our hero here in this commercial is the camera technique. The use of slow motion will be our main focus along with the twist in the middle that will change from the mother's emotional character to the comedian, monstress attitude that we will switch with a crash zoom to show how the transformation of character takes place.

This will be a reference for the twist of the mother where we will crash zoom in and reverse the ad completely and suddenly so that the viewer sees the evolution that happened to her character.


The grading will be having a high contrast to give the white impression that is bright and near to our product's nature which is milk. So the copies will have a balanced contrast between the foreground and background, between the standing out colorful wardrobe and the static, stylized and fine art direction.


So as I'm sure you can tell by now I have quite a large vision for this fun commercial. What I always like to remind my creative partners of at this stage of the process is that we really are at step one of the filmmaking process.

We have a script we all love, we have a succinct vision we all desire, we have a great technique that will make a comedian masterpiece and we now just have to come together and really hone the story, the action on this occasion until we end up creating a film that is beyond all of our expectations.

It is my job as a director to keep pushing, to keep creating, and to keep delivering. And this is exactly what I intend to achieve for you.

Thank you for your time, I look forward to hearing your thoughts.

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Ahmed Alaa El deeb

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