The Horrid Hot Tub By: HOpe

“Hope, go grab the picture, Serena go get a beach ball, Zach go get my sunglasses from my chair and HURRY!!” My dad rushes us.

“UH should I just get your phone.” I asked my dad.

“Yeah sure, don’t care just HURRY!” He half sighed-annoyed-and half shouted. Sometimes my dad can can get carried away with contests like these.

We were on vacation at a resort place in Florida. The resort was awesome. With a pool and hot tub basically right outside our door. But soon I would figure out that, that pool and hot tub was a huge danger zone.

My dad, brother, sister, and I were on a scavenger hunt at the resort. But anyways, I went to go get the picture from my dad’s phone (a family picture was one of the items that he instructed me to get). He just got a brand new phone, it was the IPhone 6! As I fast-walked to our room I thought about how incredible this place was. I hurried past the hot tub and onto the brick path. The path glimmered in the blazing hot sun.

“Oh it's really hot out here.“ I thought. I stopped and looked at the bigish pond that was directly out of our room, “AHHHHHHH.” I sighed, “Such a nice place.” Then, I skipped to our room remembering that I really needed to hurry. I went through the screeching screen door into our room.

I found my mom sitting on the arm chair and called “Hey mom??”

“What’s up Hope?” She asks.

“Uhhh, do you know where dad’s phone is?”

“Yeah I think it’s in our room on the corner of the dresser.” She answered without looking up from her book.

“Ok thanks.” I say. So as I’m walking into my mom’s room I think of which picture I should do.

“Oh that’s the perfect one,” I think outloud, “The superhero one.”

“Um did you say something honey?” My mom mutters from her reading spot.

“No, sorry I guess I was talking to myself.” I tell her. Opps. I grab the phone in a hurry because we had limited time. I walk out the annoyingly screechy screen door and call back into the room,

“Thanks, mom love you.”

“Love you too honey.” she smiles finally looking up from her book. I keep walking while looking for the superhero picture. “No not that one, ohh I look odd in that one, Zach’s sticking his tongue out, Serena’s…OOOKKKKKKKKK, that’s a weird and wrong face. But I may or may not have forgot about the hot tub outside the door where my family was waiting.

So I may or may not have accidently walked right into the hot tub. So suddenly I feel a weird feeling……

“Oh that’s weird,” I think “Why are my feet wet-OWWWW.” I hit my knee on the part where you sit in the hot tub. Ouch. The hot tub water felt warm and not in a good way. My clothes felt heavy and weird. The hot tub water is almost so hot it’s cold and the concrete bench part feels cold and rough on my knee. “This is hot and embarrassing.” I say to just myself. “Oh no my dad’s brand new IPhone 6 in my sopping wet hand.” I run as fast as I can-without hurting my knee more-to our room.

“Mom help please.”

“Oh honey what happened?”

“I fell into the hot tub and got dad’s phone wet, he is going to kill me.”

“Oh Hope first of all you dad is not going to kill you, second are you ok?”

“Yeah I just hurt my knee.” I say

“Ok here put this on it.” My mom replies handing me an ice pack. “I’ll go get your father,”

“OOOOOKKKKKK.” I groan and think. “Dad is going to be super mad but it’s ok because I still don’t hear him coming, WHEWWW. Actually I take that back I hear the screeching of the screen door open. Oh, No.”

“Hope, Hope are you ok?” My dad calls out.

“Ok maybe he’s not mad.” I think. Then I say outloud “I-I-I-I-I-I, accidentally broke your phone. But I’m fine I just h-h-h-have a scrape on my knee” I stutter quickly.

“Oh that’s ok, I can always get a new phone but you can’t get new body parts.”

“OK dad that sounded weird.” I replied with a half laugh.

“What?” He said confused.

“Nevermind.” I sighed.

Afterwhile my dad hurried to the store to get some rice to put his phone in. Also, in the the end my knee only had a scar and my dad’s phone eventually worked and we still got the prize for our scavenger hunt (the guy new what we were trying to do). I learned something important, your family will alway be there for you, oh and watch where you’re going.

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