Basketball was invention in 1891 by Canadian teacher James Naismith as a sport similar to football without the injuries. The game became popular first in America and then throughout the world. After basketball made it's way into American colleges. The NBA, was found 1946 and became popular.

Before basketball made it's name in the NBA it was played in colleges. Currently the best team in the NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association). Basketball has been moved into colleges because of its popularity soon after its invention in 1891 witch I mentioned earlier.

Most college players (if good enough) get drafted to other NBA teams. The NBA (National Basketball Association) is a group of a couple teams filled with the-best-of-the-best players. The worst player in the NBA of all time never exceeded six (6) points a game and two and a half (2.5) assists (he later was arrested for manslaughter). The best player of all time (Micheal Jordan) had dropped sixty-nine (69) points overall.

With five players on the court for each team, things can get out of hand. That's why we have positions (Point Guard, Shooting Guard, Small Foward, Power Foward, Center). The point guard is the leader of the team when on the court. This position requires substantial ball handling skills and the ability to facilitate the team during a play. The shooting guard, as the name implies, is often the best shooter. They are probably capable of shooting accurately from longer distances. Generally, they also have good ball-handling skills. The small forward often has an aggressive approach to the basket when handling the ball. Typically, they are good at driving, Good with handles, and have a good shot. The power forward and the center are usually called "low post" players, who play with their back to the basket, often acting as their team's primary re-bounder or shot blocker.

Kyrie Irving (Of the "Cleveland Cavaliers") is in my opinion currently the best point guard of the NBA. I consider him the best ball handler currently crossing big names, for example, Steph Curry, legendary player Rustle Westbrook, Dennis Schroder and many more. Even out shined by the famous LeBron James, people are saying, "Kyrie Irving is an unstoppable scoring maching." (-Cavsnation). He is also a huge insperations for me because of his love for the game and his personality.

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