Florida museum of Natural History By: Danielle smith

I am at the Florida Fossil Exhibit
Nature on display: The Florida fossil exhibit had pods that would speak to you about the exhibit when you walked under them. It was darker in the exhibit with bright lights shining onto the fossils which made them look really cool. This exhibit captured my attention because whenever I visit New York I like to go to the Museum of Natural History and my first stop is always the dinosaur fossil exhibit. I loved to look at all the different fossil they had and see the really big ones.
I am at the estuary exhibit.
Nature and ethics: The estuary close up exhibit allowed me to experience nature in the way Leopold intended. While going through the exhibit I was able to read what certain organisms do for the environment. I learned that sea grass stabilizes the sandy sea bottom and that without the small organisms the big organisms could not exist. As I went through this part of the museum I really felt like I was under water because of the way the exhibit is set up. This made going through the exhibit much more enjoyable, there were blue light everywhere and the sea creatures were all around you. There were a lot of children at the museum when I went and they really seemed to like looking at the different exhibits and being able to actually interact with some of them.
I am taking a picture with the "Mississippians".
Nature and the Human Spirit: The Florida Natural History Museum helps us to step out of our ordinary lives and step into the different lives of each exhibit. One exhibit in particular is a cave that tells you about early settlers and how caves were used as their shelters. Another exhibit tells you about "Mississippians" and their culture and commerce when they first came to Florida. Each exhibit allows you to step out of our world for a minute and explore a different time or explore something that we usually do not get to, like an estuary. The museum helps me to better appreciate the mystery of the natural world from the information they have given in each exhibit. The stories they tell or pieces of information leave you wanting to know more.
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