Infectious Bovine Rhinotraceitis (IBr) AShley Chandler

Infectious Bovine Rhinotraceitis (IBR) is a contagious upper respiratory disease that can be found in old and young cattle of any species.

Cattle are vaccinated for IBR as early as 4 months.

Symptoms include: Coughing, fever, depression, loss of appetite, and causes a lack of energy.

Cattle that receive a vaccine are almost guaranteed to not experience any symptoms of IBR.

IBR is a virus, so there is not a specific treatment. The virus must just run its course. It is best to keep the animal isolated when it is sick.

After an animal contracts IBR the virus never fully leaves, causing that animal to most likely contract symptoms again.

IBR is just another disease that can be prevented by the responsible use of vaccinations in animals.

After all, a happy cow, is a healthy cow!


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