How America started In 5 parts


In 1607, The first English settlement happened, and it was in Jamestown. It was the English territory until the Treaty of Paris.

The English settling in Jamestown


In 1754, the French and Indian War began. It made the English in debt, and then King George taxed the colonies. That made the colonies angry, and It later led to the Revolutionary War.


In 1774, the first Congress met to stop the Taxes. The English were Illegally taxing the colonies, and the congress had to put an end to it.


In 1783, A treaty ended the Revolutionary War, and It set the colonies Free. The Americans had officially been set free. They had became a free country.


In 1789, George Washington became President. This helps The U.S.A because They had gotten a President, but he wasn't like King George because he didn't illegally tax the Americans.


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