Google Classroom and Music? by Dylan Natiello

What is Google Classroom? When I was a senior in high school, I had only one class that utilized Google Classroom. This was my only experience with this online academic aid, even though the entire underclass student body were using Chromebooks at the time. The class was a Math class and my teacher only used Google Classroom to send out a reminder every month or so, therefore it wasn’t used very often. Google Classroom is a free platform offered to educators by Google. This software can be simply used to communicate with students or taken as far as the imagination can envision...

Coming from a music stand point, the idea of Google Classroom may seem like a big stretch when applied to a concert band or choir. But you would be extremely surprised. Google Classroom is very versatile and would save rehearsal time by allowing instructors to communicate to students on what is to be expected at rehearsal. The platform gives instructors the opportunity to send documents, audio files, and even videos to students, giving them a more hands on experience to learn, listen, or watch content.

Google Classroom can be accessed on virtually any device. There are apps for handheld devices and Classroom can be accessed on any web browsers. This allows for content to be accessible to any device and an instructor will not be tied down to only one desktop, laptop, or phone. Google Classroom works hand in hand with Google Docs and other Google applications making presenting material even more convenient.

Google Classroom allows teachers the opportunity to teach each student specific to their learning needs. With various ways to present interactive content, educators can make learning more enjoyable. Educators can also track their student's progress and evaluate their assignments submitted through Google Classroom. This comes in handy when music teachers need to listen to all their students play individually in order to evaluate their progression as a musician. This process takes too much class and rehearsal time away from performing music and can be very exhausting to the instructor. But, by having the students record themselves during their own time and submitting it through Google Classroom, instructors can easily assess their recordings in mere minutes. With Google Classroom, instructors can write feedback on a student’s assignment and the student will be able to view that feedback instantaneously. Google Classroom is convenient because when you use it to assign, collect, assess, provide feedback, and return assessments it is all in one place. Google Classroom also lets instructors monitor which students submitted their assignments and which students did not.

In the end, Google Classroom is a perfect resource to use in any class of study including our large ensembles in the music world. There are endless ways to use applications, incorporate interactive material, and spread the passion of music to our students. As technology progresses, so should our use of it. We cannot be afraid of exploring new methods to effectively educate our children and to spark enthusiasm in their hearts to keep them engaged in what they really love, learning.


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