Oppenheimer & Co. Investment Banking

44, Retired and Relaxed

- 44, the average age for retirement in Investment Banking

What is Oppenheimer & Co.?

  • Leading Investment Bank that specializes in Healthcare
  • Client focused Investment Bank that uses innovation and expertise to generate results
Trust, Focus, Innovation, Expertise, Heritage

What does Oppenheimer & Co. do?

  • Provides buy-side and sell-side transaction advise
  • Raises investment capital for corporations that are issuing debt or equity securities
Oppenehimer & Co.'s Healthcare professionals have advised over 300 deals.

Why Oppenheimer & Co.?

  • Lean deal teams that maximize experience
  • Close-knit corporate culture
  • Low managerial hierarchy
Investment Bankers suggest working in smaller deal teams to engage in more projects and gain experience.



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