The Battle of Chancellorsville April 30-May 6 1863

Confederate General Robert E Lee (LEFT) and Union General Joseph Hooker (RIGHT
Battle Flags of the Confederacy and Union.

Total Forces Engaged: 154,734 soldiers. 97,382 were union and 57,352 were confederate

Casualties: 30,764 total casualties. Union suffered 17,304 total casualties, 1,694 were killed, 9,672 were wounded, and 5,938 were missing or captured. And the Confederacy suffered 13,460 casualties, 1,724 were killed, 9,233 were wounded, and 2,503 were missing or captured.

Lieutenant Stonewall Jackson, Robert E. Lee's right hand man.

Summary: Newly appointed general Joseph Hooker puts Robert E Lee on the defensive with an attack in the Wilderness near Chancellorsville Virginia. In response Lee meets with his best lieutenant Stonewall Jackson to devise a plan to defeat their superior foe. This plan was contrary to the strategies Lee was taught at West Point splitting his army against a superior enemy, sending Stonewall Jackson in a left hook to flank the union army taking them out by surprise. The plan worked but sadly as the fight was nearing its end Jackson is shot down by friendly fire and dies from his injuries a few days later. Lee then forced the union army back farther up north towards Gettysburg.


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