Bruce Davidson And his impact on society

Where was the artist from and where did they grow up? What was the time period that they lived in?

Bruce Davidson was born in Oak Park, Illinois. He grew up in September 5, 1933. He is still alive to this day making him around 84 years old. He started taking photos at the age of ten and realized that he wanted a career in photography.

What was the most significant event that happened in their life?

Bruce Davidson's most significant event that happened in his life was that he was a part of the military. This had a huge impact on his life. Something that inspired him in his photography is that he takes photos of children. One of the most important/significant piece of work that he did was East 100th Street.

What was the overall meaning of their artwork?

The overall meaning of Bruce Davidson's artwork was to show the social problems that were occurring in the world. His photographs gave people an idea of how the world is in different parts of town.

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