From the Headmaster:

Certain aspects probably need a little explanation. Mrs Patel firing a carrot from a catapult? Mr Papps hiding behind a banana? A camouflaged Chloe? A similarly 'camouflaged' Mr Bond immortalised in a Papps sketch? Elena barking, Jerome Opie, certificate joy, laptop balancing, Darcey (you've been) framed, baldy headed bands, Star Wars tributes, Groot and the yellow brick road.

A very personal selection of some of the many highlights from an extraordinary term. Great fun and, if I am allowed to suggest, reflective of unique relationships across all elements of school life, children, staff and you, our parents.

I am looking forward to a potential return to all of the many varied activities that we are desperate to return to - lunchtime ballet, triathlons, rowing championships, athletics championships, sports days, camping, residential visits and a parent social?

Dare we dream?

Keep your fingers crossed.


Please note that we finish at 12.30pm on Wednesday for staff training, with the full time nursery children then resuming the following day. Term dates can be found at the link at the conclusion of this edition.

Mountain Bike Club

I will accept accusations of bias, but it really is a splendid hour spent in Richmond Park, shredding (in a very careful manner) the trails. Brilliant fun.

Bushcraft - survival at Park Hill...

Ask yourself. Would you be able to use an 🪓 and folding 🪚 to create your own fire? Use a fire steel to light it? 🔥 and then make your own dough to then bake 🍞 flavoured with 🧄 🪴 and 🌿 (garlic, herbes de Provence and oregano)? Well, children in Year 4, 5 and 6 can. Ed Stafford, Ray Mears and Bear Grylls have nothing on the skills of our children.

Running Club


Whatever you do, set aside enough time to enjoy the presentation this week of our awards and also, as I hope you already have done, view the video review of the week. Smiles, positivity and a little wheezing...

Perseverance, Resilience and Kipling Award

We were kindly joined by Keavy Cromer, who presented the awards this week. Superb advice from her about caring for yourself and also for never giving up on an ambition or dream. Perseverance, perseverance, perseverance.

Congratulations to Izzy, Miles, and Jennifer for their considerable efforts.

Perseverance -

steady persistence in a course of action, a purpose, a state, etc., especially in spite of difficulties, obstacles, or discouragement.

Resilience -

the ability of a person to adjust to or recover readily from illness, adversity, major life changes

Kipling Award -

Year 6

Year 6 have been focused on ratios and using them to create mocktails. They first had to come up with a ratio for a single drink, before changing this for multiple people. They measured their ingredients and created their drinks, having great fun developing and changing their ratios.

In English, we gave experimented with semi-colons, then created newspaper articles based on the story ‘The Emperors new clothes’.

Science involved using angles and the knowledge of light travelling in a straight line, to work out how light would reflect off of mirrors around the room. We then made letters by reflecting the light around the room.

Year 5

In Year 5 this week the children have been adding in the final touches to their bouquets of flowers to give to the NHS staff, as part of our gesture of thanks for all the work they have done for us throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. The children have been putting their ratio skills in practice by making a range of mocktails to enjoy drinking in the sunshine this week, the children have never been more motivated to make sure their ratios have been calculated correctly. In their English lesson the children have been finalising the information texts showing their research on how to grow different vegetables being the perfect time to plant the seeds in the allotments, this has been completed this week.

Year 4

In a fast paced week children in Year 4 have been working hard in all areas of the curriculum and enjoyed the freedom of a sunny Friday afternoon as their reward; balloons included.

Handwriting has been our focus this week in English as we have been completing poems and Short stories that are now being published with our best cursive handwriting on plain paper... with guidelines to aid.

Play script writing skills have also been employed in our Humanities lesson too with disastrous results. With the theme of volcanos, on Wednesday we set about creating plays about imaginary adventures up the steep slopes towards the top...or ‘summit’ like that, to address our topic of Natural Disasters. We explored our creative side whilst recognising the different features of a volcano, including: lava, magma, ash clouds, and obviously we would never forget the pyroclastic gas cloud.

There have been two areas in focus this week for Maths. One, calculating time periods using a number line where we solved popular problems such as: how many days till Christmas; the age of the Queen; and when summer holidays begin. (105 days to go).

Our additional focus has been multiplication and division of digit numbers and decimals. It has been rewarding to see our place value work put through its paces within the grid and chunking method respectively.

There was an eye for detail in our Art lessons as pupils captured the likeness of their pupils. It was a short lesson, but in the blink of an eye their was much work produced (an eyeful indeed). Lashings of praise was handed with high-brow comments from the teachers for children’s visionary drawing.

Our week concluded in STEAM activities with red balloons; 9.9 red balloons. We explored static energy in a range of objects to find out how the energy could move water, bubbles, wooden sticks and floating plastic halos.

Fantastic effort Year 4 and we look forward to our Isabella Plantation visit next Monday and the Easter festivities.

Mr Papps.

Year 3

Year 3 have had another busy week from assembling tents in Adventure School to learning about the 24h clock! Exploring shadows with our puppets investigation in Science and impressive close up observational drawings of the eye in Art. It has been a real joy to see the children together enjoying every minute being back in school.

Year 2

This week we have really got into the spirit of Easter. We have made Easter cards by reading a set of instructions and completing our problem solving activities independently.

Maths we have done some wonderful work on our timetables, and it’s been amazing to see the children working so well together in teams.

We ended the week with a lovely visit to Isabella plantation. We did a nature treasure hunt and found lots of interesting things to look at. We fed the ducks and had some great discussions as to why the females and males look so different.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Year 1

An very adventurous week for Year 1.

We thoroughly enjoyed our trip to Isabella Plantation. So many unusual species, spiky water plants, heather gardens and stream habitats.

Year 1 learnt a lot about biodiversity in each area and as a treat enjoyed feeding the local ducks with special food.

In class we explored rotation in 2D shapes, worked very hard on improving our cursive handwriting and explored Easter crafts and activities.

Our focus artist this week was Barbara Hepworth and Year 1 worked with salt dough (that they made) to create abstract forms with negative space inspired by nature.


This week reception have been very busy. In maths we have been developing our understanding of addition by finding out how to add 2 to a given number to 10, they worked out self chosen number problems using number lines, counting cubes and Numicon frames. By the end of the week they were beginning to work out some of the problems in their heads before checking their answer by counting out the correct amount of Easter eggs into their bowl.

In literacy we have writing and drawing what we see in Spring and produced some great independent sentences about what we had drawn. Our Spring focus was then spontaneously extended on Thursday when a bee flew into our classroom, we spoke about feelings and how the bee feels when it stings, this led onto the children creating some drawings of bees and flowers before using their knowledge of list and sentence writing to great facts about bees. Again there were some lovely pieces of work being produced.

In Science we found out what happens to raisins when we added them to sparkling water, they were amazed that the bubbles in the water made the raisins float and when the bubbles popped they sank back down again. Some of the children began to use the word “gravity” to explain what was happening.

We used Bluebot to develop our knowledge of the “air” and “ear” to help find words with each sound. There was some great teamwork going on as we programmed the Bluebot to go to each word. The teamwork continued as I introduced the class to Osmo Coding Awbie, they had to work out how to use the programmable buttons to direct Awbie. Well done Reception, great teamwork.

Finally on Friday we got very creative making our Easter cards, using collage materials and 2D shapes.

Great work this week, have a lovely weekend.

Second Steps

We have had a great week.

The children have been very as usual. They have been creating their own blossom trees by mixing colour together to create new colours. Red and white to make pink. Dark purple and white to make lilac. The children mixed it themselves so they could see the colour change. Then they used their finger tips to create the blossom flowers.

In performing arts the children were really good at miming the rabbit story eating the carrots from the farmers field with Miss Georgina.

We celebrated St Patrick’s day by making shamrocks. We collected green leaves from the garden to decorate them.

Thursday half of Second Steps went to Richmond Park and went on a bear hunt after reading the story. The bears were quite hard to find but we were great and found them all. Then we found all the mud and oh boy, did we have fun. The rest of the class had fun at school painting with their feet, mixing colours feeling the texture with their feet and squishing their toes in the paint.

First Steps

Easter around the corner and we are so exited to celebrate it. We have made our Easter basket for upcoming Easter egg hunt.

We have been also reading We are Going on an Egg Hunt and the children loved this story. They easily memorised the story and enjoyed finding hidden eggs.

The story inspired us to make our own Easter eggs. We cut and stuck the felts onto our eggs and children created their own pattern.

We learnt about St Patrick’s Day and wanted made shamrocks but we didn’t have any green colour to use. Our clever children said “Don’t worry, we can mix colours “ when we asked them what colours we need to mix some of them said “blue and yellow make green”. What amazing children do we have in First Steps.

In Woodland School, children collected natural objects in and out of garden and created some lovely art work. Then they drew circles around the flowers to make frames.

We are so exited to see our children’s bonnets next week.

Wishing you all a lovely weekend.

Illness & Medical

We continue to abide with the DfE Regulations.

We ensure that anyone developing those symptoms during the school day is sent home.

These are essential actions to reduce the risk in schools and further drive down transmission of coronavirus (COVID-19).

We would like to remind you that if your child is absent from school due to sickness (vomiting, diarrhoea) they must be clear for at least 48 hours prior to returning to school. You must inform the school office directly on 020 8546 5496 if your child will be absent that day.

Should your child develop symptoms or receive a positive result from a PCR test for Covid-19 you must immediately inform the school office - secretary@parkhillschool.com

This email is monitored during the school day and at set intervals during the weekend. If our line is busy, we have a backup answer service where an operator can take your message and we, as a school, are alerted accordingly.

We receive daily updates to the regulations every 24 hours and this information is reviewed and any alterations to the regulations immediately adopted. We abide by the PHE and DfE advice.

You must never hesitate to seek clarification direct from myself or Nicola to ensure any concern or anxiety is dealt with in the most sensible, efficient and direct manner.

Images from the week

Instrumental Lessons

We are still conducting instrumental lessons, please do contact Miss Menon or Nicola who can help. Now, for a clever set up and just how our piano teacher is able to teach, watch this clever video below.

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