We understand the importance of your financial future, your retirement and your family’s future. We also understand your desire for financial freedom so you may retire earlier and maintain your current lifestyle. We are here to help you start.

When we start contemplating retirement we are all faced with the same questions, have I accumulated enough money? How do I make the most of what I have?

Time and time again we are told to plan for our futures and make sure our finances are in order. But time and time again most of us tend to put “it” off until it’s too late and panic sets in. It’s never too early or too late to begin thinking about retirement, so where do you start?

15 to 20 years from retirement

It is essential when considering you finances to seek professional help to write down a detailed financial plan based on your current goals and aspirations. This is a really good time to seek help and most likely the number one reason you are reading this report.

5 to 10 years from retirement

You still have time to seek professional help but don’t delay.

Some Considerations Are:

  • How much money will you need in retirement;
  • How much money you anticipate having available;
  • Determine a suitable retirement age;
  • Retirement investments;
  • Superannuation;
  • Possible government pensions; and
  • Tax issues.


“It’s never too early to begin thinking about retirement”

Debt Reduction

“Whatever you can do or dream you can begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it. Begin the journey now.” Johann von Goethe

When it comes to planning for retirement, financial advisers can sometimes focus on how much you need to save, while we like to focus on Debt Reduction.

Many Australians are carrying a level of debt which could become a big problem when they are ready to leave the workforce.

If you are aiming to retire in the next decade or so, it’s time for a crash course in reducing your debt.

In retirement cash flow is king and one of the best ways to boost this is to reduce, or eliminate interest expenses on mortgages, credit cards and personal loans.

Elite Wealth Creators have options for you to achieve these goals, we are dedicated to reducing your debt.


According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics out of every 100 Australians who retire at 65, only about 5% will be wealthy or financially independent.

The reality is over 90% of retirees will be in some way financially dependent on ongoing government assistance. Not only are most Australians under-financed for retirement, many Australians will have to completely revise their expectations of the kind of retirement lifestyle they will have.

Wherever you are in life Elite Wealth Creators can help you achieve your goals sooner.

Two questions you should ask yourself right now:

1. Can you afford to retire?

2. Will you have enough super to maintain your current lifestyle in retirement?

Most people dream of achieving an outstanding quality of life.

  • A debt free home
  • Control of their finances
  • An income stream
  • Financial freedom


Elite Wealth Creators and its team of professionals are dedicated to working with clients on an individual basis to identify their personal goals for wealth creation and financial freedom.

The Elite Wealth Creators Point of Difference

Elite Wealth Creators specialise in debt and home mortgage reduction, structures and concepts.

All debt is bad debt!

We want to focus on your debt and work with you in eliminating it.

Elite Wealth Creators have a major point of difference that lets us stand above and beyond our competition. We can provide you with the tools to help you eliminate debt so you may start to build true wealth and financial freedom.

True debt reduction is common sense and hard work.

You have the common sense to start planning for your future and we will take care of the “hard work” for you.

Many hard working people get into debt because of mistakes, it’s that simple. Elite Wealth Creators works to help these people and if they continue to work hard we promise that there is hope to get out of debt.

“Many hard working people get into debt because of mistakes”

Beware of quick fixes and the ones who offer them.

Real debt help is neither quick nor easy, you need to be willing to work and sacrifice in order to fix the situations that you have created. If you are not willing, then you cannot be helped.

Are you willing to get another job and work a few 80-hour weeks? We would suggest that you are probably working hard enough without adding more hours or even a second job. There is never a wrong or right time to start the process and if you think it is all too hard, you will never become financially free.

By looking at the big picture of your financial affairs, objectives, circumstances and preferences and using professional expertise you can achieve the best financial results.

We can help develop wealth creation and protection strategies that increase returns without undue risk. The risks that remain must be understood and managed.

The process is not about chasing the highest return or making you rich overnight, rather wealth creation and financial freedom can only be delivered by expertly combining your income and investing and tailoring a plan that suits you and your needs.

Professional and comprehensive services, products and expertise will make a big difference to your wealth creation.

Clients always come first.

Elite Wealth Creators provides quality advise to our clients on their financial future. We work for the client and the client comes first, if there is no client there is no business.

The objective is not to target a rate of return or what you can afford to put away each week but rather a specific set of cash flows that you aim to have.


We believe knowledge is power and understand that by seeking out reliable information today, you can have a positive effect on your future, your retirement and the lifestyle you create once you have finished working.

Introduction and analysis of your situation

The initial in home consultation is designed to introduce our services to you and capture detailed information that will allow us to develop a strategy.

Personalised strategy

By completing a profile on your current financial situation and your long term goals, we are able to develop an effective strategy that will show you how to action them


Our in home consultant will meet with you and give you a detailed and comprehensive plan of how to achieve the financial security you have set out.


Once you have sufficient information regarding the potential of the personal plan you will be in a position to make informed decisions.



The need to invest – Australians and our lack of retirement savings…

Today more than ever all of us have to take responsibility and do whatever is necessary for our personal financial security, however with today’s busy lifestyle; it’s a challenge just to provide the basics.

Elite Wealth Creators focuses on building an ongoing relationship with our clients because we know one investment is not necessarily going to develop financial independence. In order to achieve financial freedom, one investment option to consider is property investing.

Elite Wealth Creators can show you how to successfully invest in property so you can reduce your debt and create wealth.

  • Invest in property to become debt free and create wealth
  • When correctly structured a new investment property can substantially reduce the term of your current mortgage.
  • Our property investment professionals can structure your investment to meet your personal goals
  • Building equity and securing investment properties is the smart way to financial freedom.

“Elite Wealth Creators is focused on building an ongoing relationship with our clients”

Why Invest in Property?

Investing in Australia’s residential property market can offer a number of benefits…

Diversification into an attractive asset class

Whilst some people hold investments in traditional asset classes such as bonds and shares, by incorporating direct property into your portfolio you could reduce your overall risk. Returns on property historically have a low correlation to equity type investments. Historically property has returned attractive yields with relatively low volatility.

A tax effective investment

With reductions to the amount that can be contributed to superannuation at concessional tax rates, many Australians are now looking for alternative methods of legally reducing their taxable income.

Investing in a negatively-geared or positive cash flow property may be an ideal solution. All expenses associated with managing your investment property (including interest repayments, repairs and maintenance) are fully tax deductible. You can also claim general wear and tear and associated fixtures.

Utilise appropriate levels of gearing

Borrowing to invest in property allows you to leverage to a greater extent than if you were investing in an alternative asset class such as shares. Most lenders generally lend up to 90% of a property’s value, allowing you to purchase a larger asset with minimal initial outlay.

More control

As a property owner, you can continually monitor your investment and add value with simple maintenance and home improvements. You have control over the:

  • Type of property you invest in
  • Occupants
  • Weekly rental yield, and
  • Gearing level (or risk) within your portfolio.

Investing in property has been a popular investment choice among investors for many years…and with good reasons. Our property advisors can discuss your situation with you, and by working with you help you determine whether property is a suitable investment.


Your consultant will take you through a 7 step process to ensure that, if investing in residential property is appropriate for your situation, you purchase the property for the best price.

Step 1 – Your Plan

Obtain personalised strategic advice to determine whether investing in residential property fits your wealth creation goals.

Step 2 – Mortgage Advice

Structure a mortgage solution to suit your long term goals and obtain pre-approval of finance at the most competitive rate.

Step 3 – Property Market Research

We conduct continuous research on Australia’s residential property markets with our property searcher’s reviewing every suitable property coming onto the market.

Step 4 – Property Selection

We provide you with a recommendation when an appropriate property has been identified and provide all the information you require

Step 5 – Price Negotiation

An essential element to success is to ensure you pay the right price for a property, or know when to walk away.

Step 6 – Ongoing Strategic Advice

We can provide ongoing strategic advice to maximise the return of your investment and ensure the right professionals are taking care of you.

Step 7 – Property Management

Following acquisition, it is important to ensure your asset is well looked after and generates the maximum possible income. Elite Wealth Creators can help find you professional property management services to ensure your property is placed only in the care of highest quality managers.

Why invest in property

Why consider investing in property?

Property can play an important role in your overall investment portfolio by providing added diversification, as generally, property provides a lower level of investment risk than other asset classes such as shares.

Advantages of investing in property?

Property is generally considered a secure long term asset class with lower volatility than shares.

Property can provide investors with potential capital growth from rising property values, regular income from rental returns and tax advantages.

What are the risks of investing in property?

As with any investment, you need to consider the risks involved.

For property, these may include:

  • Significant purchase costs, legal costs, stamp duty, property inspection fees and loan establishment fees.
  • Costs of holding the investment such as maintenance, rates, body corporate fees and insurance.
  • Expected rental returns may not meet your expectations.The value of the property may decline in certain market conditions.
  • Lower liquidity than other assess classes such as shares as it can take time to sell a property, which may be a problem if you need quick access to your money.

“It’s important to remember, however, that property is considered a longer term investment with the potential for a steady income stream through rental returns and capital appreciation over the longer term.”

Why Use Elite Wealth Creators?

Like all investments it pays to do your homework before you take the plunge into property.

This can take time and sometimes be extremely confusing if you’re not sure what you are looking for or the information is not freely available.

The shortage of rental properties, combined with rising prices in some markets, means that if you chose the right property and keep a close eye on your investment you can reap the rewards. We have an experienced property team that can help show you how real estate works, spot trends and locate great investments at the right price.

Property is usually a long term strategy

The housing market is generally a 7-10 year cycle; there are always highs, lows and steady patches. You need to make sure you are confortable with how much you borrow and what your financial goals are. Plan ahead – you may find a long term tenant or you may find your tenants come and go. It is important to have a sufficient cash flow that can cover outgoings and the mortgage while the property is empty.


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