Chapter 4 Mitchell Ross

Part 1: Time

Track, a sport where seconds make the difference.
The beginning of a walk that will last minutes.
A board game that takes hours to complete.
Working on a project that will take days to complete.

Part 2: RainDrop, Drop Top, Crop Crop

All photos taken in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

I used cropping in this photo to eliminate distraction and align the horizon.
The main goal of cropping this photo was to eliminate empty space, and again, align the horizon.
I cropped this photo to create focus on the most visually appealing and important parts of the photo.

PART 3: Self-reflective

I took this photo originally for Chapter 2. As you can see, not only is the background way out of focus, but the foreground is as well. One could also note the lack of editing.

In this more recent picture, I revisited the same spot to take the picture again. This time, I adjusted the f-stop to bring the background into focus and create a more visually stimulating picture. I used a range of editing techniques, including color adjustments and a tilt-shift so there would be at least some sense of focal point.

I went in a more experimental direction in the picture below. This time I cropped the image into a square and added multiple transparent layers above the original photo.

In this final photo, I did it in black & white because I usually boost the saturation as much as possible.

Part 4: Focus

In this new year, I want to have a sharp focus on the important things in life. For me, this includes college and my hobbies. Throughout high school, I feel that I've gotten distracted too easily and have had too short of an attention span to reach my full potential in both school and in my own personal projects. This year, I'm going to eliminate distraction and maximize work ethic. I chose this picture to represent focus for its literal display of the word. This photo is from an experimental shoot I did involving very long shutter speeds, upwards to 30 seconds. I was able to make the subject, myself, transparent by spending half the shutter time outside the frame and the other half posing in it.

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