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Working on Wellness Daily

We all have things that we would like to improve about our personal health. Whether that means losing weight, eating a balanced diet or making sure you find time in a busy schedule for exercise, there is a checklist of things we know we want to change about our habits. Healthy new changes that we hope will allow us to continue to a good quality of life.

When we browse on social media, or flip through pictures on Instagram, we see people who inspire us, who seem to have the self-care aspects of health and wellness mastered. We like their posts because wellness thought leaders remind us of what is possible, even when it seems impossible to stick with the healthy changes we all must make. The truth is that people who make it “look easy” take their health and fitness seriously; to them, it’s a priority equal in importance to other obligations they have daily.

Getting healthy (and doing our best to stay that way) isn’t a short sprint to a finish line; it is a commitment every day to evaluate choices that either support, or negate our health goals. And it can be easy to get discouraged, particularly if you have a busy lifestyle. Making time for your personal health may on some days, feel like it’s the last thing on an expansive running list of other obligations. But the first step is understanding that like the car or truck you drive, your health requires regular maintenance, and high-quality nutritional supplements are one, easy thing that you can do every day, to promote wellness and dietary balance.

Learn About The Daily Battle Between Healthy Cells and Free Radicals

Healthy Hacks for People in a Time-Crunch

We went looking for tips from some leading nutritional experts online, to share some easy-to-follow hacks to help everyone make time for healthier choices.

• Use the weekend to prepare meals and snacks for the week ahead. Make healthy snacking in your house as easy and convenient as it is to choose less healthy alternatives. Create a bin of fresh cut vegetables for snacking and store it in the fridge. Cut up other healthy foods like watermelon (perfect for summer!) and have a covered bowl ready to go, when you want a sweet, and nutritious treat.

Find more reasons to eat fresh fruit and vegetables for dietary antioxidants, and essential vitamins and nutrients.

• Plan your dinners for the week, and print off a list and put it on your fridge. Not only will this healthy hack help you stay on track with delicious, nutritionally balanced dinners, but it will also help you organize your grocery shopping weekly.

• Reaching for soda or juice at home, as a go-to drink? Invest in reusable water bottles that are dishwasher safe, and keep them handy where your beverage glasses are stored. You can also pre-mix drinks in your water bottle (like our citrus/berry flavored antioxidant sports drink, Glutathione Rapid Boost™) so that you have some grab-and-go healthy alternatives.

• If your job keeps you in a vehicle or moving all day, get a small personal cooler bag, and pack a day of delicious, but healthy choices. Cucumber slices, carrot sticks, fruit, cheese or peanut butter with multi grain crackers make excellent snacks to fuel your day (and you’ll save money too).

Looking for healthy recipe ideas? Our staff picked this blog as an excellent resource for nutritional inspiration.

We loved this article from fitness and health guru Christie Miller. Check out some more helpful ideas on “5 Tips for Eating Healthy in a Time Crunch,” on the Eat, Train Win blog.

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