Tragic Hero Trey & Mikyah

High Estate- " I am the Thane of Glamis" Act 1.3.71

Explanation- Because it is a title of royalty.

Tragic Flaw- " I have no spur to prick the sides of my intent, but only Vaulting ambition." Act 1.7.25-27

Explanation- His flaw is to be king and becoming very ambitious.

Urgency- " For Banquo's issue have i filled my mind for them the gracious Duncan have i murdered" Act 3.1.65-66

Explanation- This is where he gets the scense of urgency to kill.

Rationalizes actions- " That when the brains were out the man would die and there now he rise again." Act 3.1.80-81

Explanation- Banquo is dead but he thinks he is alive.

Murder/Exile- "Seize upon Fife give to the edge of the sword his wife his babies and all." Act 4.1

Explanation- Macbeth gave orders to kill Macduff's family.

Tragic hero- " She should have died hereafter; There would be have been a time for such word." Act 5.5.17-18

Explanation- Macbeth starts to isolate himself due to his wife's death.

Mobilization- " Attend the true event and put we o Industrions soldiership." Act 5.5.15-16

Explanation- He is plotting to kill Macbeth for his deed

Tragic flaw recognition- " Heres the smell of blood still." Act 5.1.43

Explanation- Her guilt is the tragic flaw

Death of tragic hero- " were he fought back like a man he died." Act 5.8.42-43

Explanation- Cut his head off.

Restoration of order- "I see thee composed with thy kingdoms that speak by salutation." Act 5.8.55-59

Explanation- Talks about how everything is coming back to order his way.


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