Gatherings 2021: Studio Work Exhibition

From May to July of 2021 students from Joshibi University of Art & Design (Sagamihara, Japan) and OCAD University (Toronto, Canada) joined with Associate Professors Nicole Collins (OCAD U) and Linda Dennis (Joshibi U) to collaboratively address issues of Eco-feminism through studio practice focusing on Material and Touch.

These “studio works”, or studies, were created as we met online across time zones, distance, and languages. The interrelated topics of environmental crisis, current global feminist art practices, sustainable material explorations and the role of “touch” as a connective action informed all the work.

Student-driven research and experimentation with artmaking created from home studios and on campus environments also included an exchange of digital material across great distances from their respective localities, building an understanding of the possibilities of connection, materiality, and their personal positionality to place.

We hope you enjoy these gatherings!

ギャザリング2021 スタジオワーク展

2021年5月から7月にかけて、女子美術大学(相模原市)とOCAD大学(カナダ・トロント)の学生が、ニコル・コリンズ准教授(OCAD U)とリンダ・デニス准教授(女子美)とともに、「素材」と「タッチ」に焦点を当てたワークショップを通して、エコ・フェミニズムの問題に共同で取り組みました。




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Daniel ZhouZheng Xinying • Alex Calder Karagianis Ming Chen • Nicole Ionescu • Shion YoshinagaDeanna GeneEmily Dakin Miho Fukasawa • Grace BlairSarah McMillanGray Bell Himari Nakajima • Parastoo Mahmoudi • Ifetayo Z. Alabi • Kate MorrisHisako Kawazoe • Anna Pollice • Sakura Idemoto • Sarah LessardSasha Shevchenko • Su Tarhan • Vicky Talwar Zora Zhou

Images: Giotto’s O by Nicole Collins and Rhythms (Ocean & Garden) by Linda Dennis