The Yellow Mirror A Lavish Party Event Provider

Flexible, open-air photo booth your guests will love interacting with

Welcome to The Yellow Mirror! Let us guess: you’re planning an event and want to add incomparable photo booth fun to the occasion? Awesome.

Behold The Yellow Mirror photo booth - a Mirror-style booth that puts an innovative spin on the traditional photo booth experience!

Tons of fun features including photo, gif, green screen, social sharing, games and more

The Yellow Mirror is perfect for people who like photo booth entertainment but hate the idea of a boxy, old-school construction ruining the look of their otherwise beautiful reception.

Our Mirror booth is beautiful, open-air and modern, boasting interactive features, vibrant animations and high-quality prints that will elevate your guests’ experience and make your event that much more memorable

Full-length mirror design allows your guests to look great in every photo

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Lavish Party Events



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