The Florida Museum of Natural History Taylor Alexander

Nature on Display

At the FLMNH, I found the frog exhibit particularly enticing and interesting. At first, I did not think I would find learning about frogs exciting, but after seeing vibrant colors like in these Poison Dart Frogs, or seeing the different texture of every species, I became fascinated. Because the frogs were present and I was able to really examine them, I wanted to read the bio of each species and engage in the other activities in the exhibit. For example, I learned how to dissect a frog electronically. Without devices like this, I would never get to experience such a thing. I found this to be so enjoyable because I was able to be fully captivated by the exhibit and really immerse myself in it.

Nature and Ethics

In the butterfly garden, I was able to truly experience the biotic community as I felt close to nature and the butterflies. As they flew before and around me, I felt content and was excited that I got to coexist with the beautiful insects. During this exhibit, I learned to live, respect, and admire nature by getting closer to it and learning from it. In this exhibit especially, everyone seemed to be very excited and joyful, and it was enlightening to see everyone marvel at the butterflies. After seeing the happiness that myself and everyone else was experiencing, I felt obligated to preserve and promote spending time in nature so that everyone can experience this feeling.

Nature and the hUMAN sPIRIT

The Museum of Natural History allowed me to step out of my ordinary life and experiences and showed me the extraordinary. By walking through rooms full of fossils, or seeing how the Native Americans used to live, or even seeing fossils such as these jaws or the one of the mammoth in the lobby, I had stepped into a different time and it fascinated me. By experiencing these things, I had learned more about the history of the Earth and where I came from. The exhibits also furthered my curiosity about the past by showing me the mysteries of the Earth.

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