Renewable & Non Renewable Energy! BY josh TRAVIS 10r

This is a guide to the pros and cons of renewable and Non renewable energy, and how they're used in Britain and our amazing planet Earth.

Planet Earth.

Renewable energy

Renewable energy is energy that can be stored and used when needed. Renewable energy generally comes from natural resources such as sunlight, wind, rain, tides and waves. Here are some of the main renewable energy sources:


The use of the sunlight is better known as solar energy. Solar power is the process of turning light into electricity. They do this by using Solar Panels. The Panels themselves don't create electricity, they are used to heat water in a boiler tank.

Solar panels

Wind energy:

The main way wind energy is created is through the use of wind turbines. Wind turbines turn winds kinetic energy into electricity. Wind turbines are very effective but many people complain that they're ugly and ruin the sight of the countryside.

They come in different sizes depending on what they have to power.

Waves and tides:

Tidal energy, also known as Tidal power is a form of hydropower. This includes taking the energy out of the tides, and converting it into mainly electricity. Tidal energy is currently not well known and not widely used but has the potential to be a big part of our futures. Forms of Tidal energy include tidal lagoons which are walls with turbines.

Wave energy, is the transport of energy by wind and waves, wave energy (like most renewable sources) depends greatly on the weather and the strength of waves and wind. Many people don't know about wave and tidal energy.

Waves :)

Non Renewable Energy

What is non RENEWABLE energy?

Non renewable energy has been supplying our planet with electricity and power for ages! Once the resources are used up there will be no more...

Fossil Fuels

The 3 main fossil fuels are Coal, Oil and Gas. Coal is mined, Oil is lifted from under the sea bed, and gas is released from between seams of the earths surface. They all offer a ready made fuel unlike renewable sources, but our supplies are running out fast.

However, non renewable energy is ruining our environment. The mining of coal ruins several habitats for animals. The oil has leaked into our seas killing fish and more, also the Deepwater horizon fire means oil is a great risk. The use of gas is polluting our air we breathe.


Much like in the simpsons!

Nuclear energy consists of radioactive materials such as uranium being mined. Electricity is generated from the energy thats is released from the split atoms in the material.

Pros and Cons

Pros of non renewable

  • Offer an instant source
  • Are known to be reliable
  • offer employment


  • Are ugly to look at
  • won't last forever
  • pollute and are effecting our planet

Pros and cons of renewable

  • Are quieter and easier to look at
  • Don't effect our planet negatively
  • can be used over and over again


  • Are not as well tested
  • Not as powerful
  • Need more steps and don't offer instant fuel


We have survived and thrived on non renewable sources of energy for a long time but our resources are running out and we need to save and store them for more important things. We have worked to find new ways to produce electricity and power and renewable energy is where its at! No more pollution, or noise, or bad looking architecture! Make energy great again.

Created By
Joshua Travis


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