climate change. by Joan Hernáez Padrón.

The meaning of Climate Change is the global variation of climate in the Earth.

The changes are not inmediatly, the variation of the climate, is more slow; but this metereologics phenomenons could become extremes.

For example the inundations.

The Oceans.

How the oceans could be affected? Which is her function?

The paper of the oceans in the global heating is complex, they absorbing part of the CO2 that would have to stay on the atmosphere.

The Global heating difficult this process, one of the efects its really dangerous the heating of the surface in the oceans.

More risks

The contamination of the water.
The increase of inundations.

Any question?

Thanks for listening and if you taste this, talk with George to do more things like this.

Created By
Joan Hernaez


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