Nicaragua By-Dimple Patel

Where was the conflict located? Central America

When did it occur? 1981-1988

Who was involved? North America, Nicaragua, and the Soviet Union as well as the Sandinistas (Communists) and Contras (Anti-Communists)


Who were the Sandinistas? The Sandinistas were indiaviduals who were communists.


Who were the Contras? They were individuals were were against communism also known as anti- communist

What caused the conflict? The increase of poverty and inequality of income distribution

How did it affect the country? Protests occurred, quit jobs because of unequal pay

What is the current state in the country? Peaceful between the East and West and they are Democratic.

Could the event be considered a success or a failure for either the U.S or the Soviet Union? It was neither a success or failure since both didn't gain or lose anything but instead there was peace against them. It could be considered a fail since the Sandinistas who are communists couldn't make Nicaragua a communist nation because the Contras stopped them.

What forgein policy was addressed? Containment is addressed because the Contras are trying to keep communism out of Nicaragua and limit the Sandinistas who are communists.


Created with images by Ryan Henderson - "Central America" • col8nic - "volcano view ometepe island rivas" • bandarji - "Poverty"

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