Isaac Gunaseelan #3 journaling Gen3,12 Exo1-3

Gen 1: In this chapter Moses talks about the serpent and how it was a really smart animal.Then the serpent tricked Eve into eating from the tree of wisdom and then Adam ate and they realized they were naked.

Gen 12: God told Abraham that he will do lots of great things through him and told him to leave his homeland. He and Sarah left to Egypt and because of Sarah bad things happened to Egypt.

Exodus:1 In this chapter the person who was the Pharaoh years later forgot about Joseph and made all the Israelites slaves. The King also made people kill boy babies but two Hebrew women named Shiphrah and Puah saved them.

Exodus 2: This chapter talks about Moses life. First he was born and his mother put him in the river and the Pharaohs daughter found him and raised him up. When Moses grew up he killed a man and ran away at this time Israelites were still slaves of Egypt.

Exodus 3: In this chapter God tells Moses to ask the Pharaoh to free the people of Israel. And God also told him that the Egyptians will be favored to them and they will let them go.

Conclusion: These chapters talk about how some people sinned and about how the Egyptians were bad to the Israelites.

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