11) Multimedia Office Support Specialist

Our final project is a multimedia team project. It is always fun for me after I start working on a project. It's the first thought of it and about half way in where I panic. This is one where I was too involved in other projects to even realize what needed to be done, at first. When I had a second to look over the instructions I realized I already had a few photos and the others would be pretty easy to take when I am always on campus early Wednesday mornings. I did take a moment to look up the definition of multimedia, even though I knew what it meant I wanted to see what the technical definition was. It was just what I thought it was. Simple. Multimedia - adjective: 1. (of art, education, etc.) using more than one medium of expression or communication. 2. "a multimedia art form" noun 1. the use of a variety of artistic or communicative media. From a simple Google search below.

Rebecca and I took bunches of pictures and I edited some of mine. I am eager to see how Rebecca edited hers! I created a trailer with iMovie and I LOVE iMovie even more now! I just could not come up with the best wording for the caption sections (in gray) between my photos. I left most of them and changed certain words to work better. I. E. like student, from family. I guess that I could have left it family and worked around them coming to see graduation and named the mannequin. Ha!

I am very excited to see how Shay put together her research of the program details that she used in the slide and all of our photos and the videos! This was so much fun, after yesterday, to work on. Until yesterday I was so stressed over the final pile of what felt like 3 or 4 weeks packed full of extra assignments! It. Was. Insane! Anxiety overload is an understatement!

I still have to do the final touches on my AOP (Administrative Office Procedures) portfolio and my PowerPoint for QCS (Quality Customer Service) final project. Not to mention a few other assignments I am trying to complete, for my binders at least. *sigh*

I have to say that I would have given just about anything to have had gotten the final project in all three classes about 2 weeks earlier. I was not the only student who was overwhelmed and spent what felt like days, weeks even, just putting together each assignment. I spent about 15 hours or more just carefully typing out the perfect itinerary. I spent about 14 hours the Saturday night before and Mother's Day, plus the time before that, perfecting my iMovie to get to Shay to be added to the PowerPoint. I had already spent a few weeks plus the current time being added daily, enhancing my portfolio. It was very overwhelming. Stressful indeed.

I can almost see the light at the end of the tunnel. Almost. This darn pile still has me though. I gotta keep going. Keep plugging along. Like Thomas the train... I think I can... I think I can...

I think I can.

So, in the long run Rebecca let us down today. I was disappointed, after I even gave a topic idea and the direct link for part of it. I jumped in right to action mode. I contacted a friend and invited her over to record one for me. Teamwork.

Gotta love friends that will rescue you. Thank you to my friend Kara for rescuing us. Great last minute video girl!

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