AMSA Mentorship Program The Mentor Experience

If you're already a mentor with AMSA, thank you for taking the time to volunteer in this capacity! If you're considering acting as a mentor, we hope you'll be joining us soon.

Here's a quick guide on how mentors can interact with medical students in this program.

Joining the program as a mentor

Once you submit your information in interest of being a mentor, you'll receive an invitation to join within a few business days.

A mentorship program invitation will be received by email

Follow the link to create your mentor profile. You'll create your login information first.

You'll have the chance to complete your information when you sign up, through the four steps below. Or, you can fill out only a few pieces of information and complete the rest any time.

And with that, you'll be listed as a mentor in the Mentorship Program.

Interacting with Med students

Now for the fun part—med students may reach out to you with questions based on your profile. Be sure that any particular interests that you have are reflected on your profile so that students know of your expertise.

A med student's first step will be to request to connect to you on the platform. You can view these requests at any time through your profile, and you'll also receive notifications by email when this happens.

A red indicator will show in the top right of the Mentorship Program platform, and you'll see that someone has requested to connect.
You'll also receive this email where you can accept the request.

Once you've connected, the med student will reach out with their question. Or, feel free to send the first message if you're so inclined! Below is how you'll receive a question and how you can reply.

Any messages will show with a red indicator over the speech bubble in the top right of the platform.
You'll also receive an email when someone sends you a message.

Viewing the message through either the email notification or through the platform itself will allow you to reply.

Through this process, we hope that students will take advantage of the availability to your expertise. Thank you again for being an invaluable part of this program!

If you ever have any questions or feedback on the Mentorship Program, feel free to connect with me, Holly Spellmann Burdette, on the Mentorship Program platform, or reach out to mentorship@amsa.org.

Coming soon

Up next, we'll be adding discussion topics to the platform. If you're familiar with NEJM Resident360 discussions, ours will function in the same way.

If you're interested in acting as an expert in a discussion topic ranging from choosing a specialty to managing work-life balance, avoiding burnout, and more, email me with your preference and availability at mentorship@amsa.org.

Happy mentoring!


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