A player in Roblox is called Robloxian. Robloxians have one ordinary head,2 interesting lego hands,1 unrealistic hair,Custom faces,A pair of 3D legs and a individual 2D clothes,Read more to find out about the unique uses of Roblox,the complicated controls of Roblox and how it works,the proudness of being in Builders Club and the weird Currency called ROBUX.Some games you need to pay for Roblox you don’t.


Roblox,fun and entertaining, could be use in many ways.The first uses Roblox could be use for is to entertain yourself.You could use it to get Subscribers by playing roblox and you post the video that you play to youtube because adults and kids have lots of interests in Roblox.Roblox has many uses it depends on what reason do you use it for.


Roblox is a very fun game but you may need to know the controls.First, you use W,A,S,D to move or use the arrows they are both classic and easy to use example when you need to drive a car in Prison life V2.0 you use W,A,S,D.Next,this is a very important control it’s called jump you use spacebar to jump.Roblox,Fun and interesting will be fun if you know the controls.

Builders club

Roblox has something called Builders Club.You get daily ROBUX the amount of ROBUX you get daily depends on the types of Builders you choose there is Platinium Builder and Normal Builder.Builders club is very proud to be in but there is something free in the catalog too if you are not a member.


Do you wonder what Currency does Roblox use?Well here is what it is called ROBUX.ROBUX are earned by being in Builders Club and play games that has a unique green panel for you to step on it will say that you earned ROBUX on the bottom right corner when you step on it when you exit the server on to the home page you will see the amount of ROBUX you earn on the top right hand side of the screen.


Roblox,high tech and magnificent,is extraordinary and unique,it helps you relax and feel better when something makes you feel down.If you have problems in your life you could visit Roblox at anytime.Some games are single player but Roblox is a multiplayer.

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