Inject Creativity Live Wednesday 19/08/2020 with guests Joel Aarons and Jamie van Leeuwen

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Our Guest Presenters

Joel Aarons and Jamie van Leeuwen

Joel Aarons

Joel has been an Adobe Education Leader for many years. He is a very talented and highlight respected STEM & Media Arts Teacher in Melbourne at Camberwell South Primary.

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Joel's presentation cover for this evening
Joel does not believe in 'dumbing down' things for students. Rather, he likes to provide guidance relating to the underpinning theory and approaches, provide them with age-appropriate tools, and let them explore and create.

Colour Video Project

Joel's project outline
See how each clip features a unique colour.

Joel demonstrated:

  • Adding the clips
  • Inserting titles
  • Incorporating transitions
New idea - using the fade out tool on audio

I was not aware that the fade out transition tool could be used on the audio tracks in Rush! It makes so much sense now that it has been demonstrated.

Usually I curate my audio very carefully to avoid the need for fade out, but I will be playing with that feature in my own experiments soon!

... and next we have...

Jamie van Leeuwen

Jamie van Leeuwen also lives in Melbourne but grew up in Sydney. He is a film maker and a Social Media Lead at ESPN and possibly more well known in our community at the son of Adobe Education Leader Dr Bronwen Wade van Leeuwen from Macquarie University.

From the site:

Australia Locked Down serves as digital record of the coronavirus impact since the initial outbreak in early 2020. This collection is contributed to by local photographers, filmmakers and the general public with the intention of offering submissions to the National Film and Sound Archive.

Poet Joel McKerrow wrote and narrated the poem for Jamie's project.

If you'd like to submit your photos, videos or stories use the hashtag #AustraliaLockedDown on social media or email info@australialockeddown.com

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