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Prince Ea speaks very powerfully in this video about labels. The video was put together very well, I think seeing all the different people really pushed the point of the whole video. We are all people on the inside, we all have different stories and should not be judged based on our appearance. I love the analogy he makes about our bodies being like cars. We were given these bodies without a test drive so we should not be judged based on our bodies. Our personalities are not judged based on the cars we drive so why are we judged based on the bodies we drive.

The only reason we have these labels we are given is because we were taught to have the labels and give them to others. Like Prince said as babies we do not see these differences, we care for others no matter what they look like. These labels blind us from seeing people for who they really are. They distort our vision from seeing properly and that is not okay. I do not think these labels will ever really go away but there is a difference between understanding where someone comes from and judging someone because of where they come from.

Prince Ea makes lots of videos like these and posts them on YouTube. His videos are very powerful and I think he is using his talent in a very good way. Making videos that really make people think and pull at their heart strings. He is using visual media effectively to positively impact society.


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