Multiple delivery times & local pick up By menumavin

Thank you for using Memumavin for group orders. Using the multiple delivery time and local pick up feature is a great addition to your office needs. Below is a slide show tutorial on how the feature works.

Step 1

  • Normal morning email arrives.
  • Follow the link. The long link at the bottom of the email.
Follow the long link at bottom of email.

Instead of being brought directly to your cart you will now be prompted to:

Step 2

  1. Choose if you prefer to look at delivery times or carry out restaurants near your office.
  2. Select the time slot that contains the restaurant you would like to buy from.

There are tabs at the top of your screen to choose delivery or pick up, and time slots

Screen shot of Pick Up time slots

Once you have chosen delivery vs. pick up and chosen a fulfillment time, the system works much the same as it always has.

Step 3

You are brought to your cart which now displays the available restaurants icons.

If you decide you prefer to look back at different times or want to change between pick up and delivery simply click on the grey button on top left of screen. “Change time and reset order”

See screen shot below. The button is called "Change time and reset order".

As always..... Thank you for using Menumavin. If you have any questions, thoughts or observations please send them to cb@menumavin.com.

We respond very quickly.

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