Works and Jobs

Works and jobs are the same. Do you know what the word Job means?

Jobs are the work people do. There are many different types of jobs, and they are all performed in different places.

We All Have Work To Do

A bus driver takes people where they want to go.

An artist paints pictures for people to show.

A police officer keeps us safe and sound.

A firefigther helps when there's trouble around.

Everyone works- Even you!

What is your job at home?

What is your job at school?

Jobs at home, by Christopher Erickson

We clean the house
We sweep the floors.
We dust the tables.
We wash the doors.
We put away toys.
We fold the clothes.
We water the plants to help them grow.
We make the beds.
We cook and shop.

So much to do. We never stop! We work at home and outside, too. What are some jobs you help to do?

When people grow up they get new and different jobs.

What are some of the jobs you can see here?

What do your parents do for work?

What would you like to do when you grow up?

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