The Situation

Draper City is looking to authorize the "surplussing" (interested in selling) of the mountain land at Deer Ridge. The city is looking to recoup costs and perhaps profit from its original purchase. If sold for development, without a secondary access road, the area would be eligible for the development of 30 to 50 homes.

As the remaining open lands along the Wasatch Front continue to disappear, we have a chance to preserve this mountain and keep it as open land for us and our future generations.

Reasons to protect this land from development

  • Building additional homes in the area will have significant impacts with traffic, fire safety, water and of course to the wildlife.
  • The mountain is one of the last remaining wild open spaces on the Wasatch front and is home to several wildlife species.
  • It is a multi-use area, currently enjoyed by hikers, mountain bikers and families.

What can you do?

Draper has not yet authorized the surplussing of land and we can save this land from development. We need to join together and tell the Draper City Mayor and Council that we do not want the city to "surplus" of this mountain. Surplussing would open the land for the sale to land to developers.

Sign the petition to stop the authorization

Share with anyone you can

Let your voice be heard

  • Attend the Draper City Council meeting. Date/Time: July 10, 2018 at 7:00 PM
  • Contact the Council members, the Mayor of Draper, the City Manager and the Assistant City Manager. Write a letter, make a phone call, send an email to each. You can also post on the City of Draper's Facebook page and Twitter feed.

Draper City Council contact information

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