Southern Colonies Yana C.

"Come to the South, where growing is a pleasure."

Reason for Founding

People came to these colonies for a reason. While most of them came only to grow valuable crops to make money, there are some others who came for other reasons. Some people came to Georgia to block enemies from getting to the other colonies, and only a few families came to Maryland for religious reasons.


If you ever do get the chance to come to the South, I gotta warn you, it's pretty hot over here! We have moist soil too!We have ideal temperatures for growing not only crops, but valuable crops as well like, rice, cotton, indigo, and tobacco.


There are many ways to make money in the Southern Colonies, such as owning a plantation and growing valuable crops like tobacco, indigo, rice, and cotton. You can also find work related to slave trading and shipping.


Owning a plantation in the Southern Colonies is good if you want to make lots of money. In the South, the temperature is warm enough to grow a lot of valuable crops, and with those crops, you can sell them for a lot of money. If you're coming to these colonies, make sure you get yourself a plantation if you want to make lots of money!

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