The Age of Inquiry Austin newman

this is one of the places during the protestant reformation where 400 heros died in brussels belgium in a revolution for the cause for freedom.
this is a statue built and moved to st petersburg by orders from catherine the great to pay tribute to peter the great during the time of absolutism.
this man is Galileo Galilei the man who supported the copernicanism the belief that the sun was the middle of our solar system.
the construction was started in Sep 9 1296 and was opened in march 25 1436 with the structural design of ancient roman and greek designs in inspiration of roman and greek art. the cathedral was finished in florence italy during the renaissance.
  • the protestant reformation set a split in the catholic church and set for a thirty years war between protestants and the catholics. the protestant reformation started when martin luther stapled a 95 theses on the church's chapel door. he wanted the 95 theses to be a discussion between the catholic church but the 956 theses caused an argument in the church and split the church into three churches and the catholic church called martin luther in to rancate his ideals on what he said but he refused. so they called him in to a general assembly to rancate what he said but still refused and the church condemned him as a heretic and excommunicated him from the catholic church so he used the printing press to spread his 95 theses across europe to start the protestant reformation.
  • the renaissance was a movement of art, literature, and inventions. the renaissance was formally called the italian renaissance and the northern renaissance. the renaissance was inspired by the art and literature by ancient Greek and Roman.the renaissance was inspired by humanism and optimism
during the renaissance Michelangelo made a sculpture and named it David. the sculpture was made in 1501-1504 to represent the way the human body looks like.
  • the renaissance supported humanism and optimism.
the statue is peter the great aka (peter l). one of the absolute czars of russia. peter the great took steps to modernize russia to a more western european style. the statue was made during the age of absolutism to honor peter the great for the accomplishments he has made. the statue shows that peter the great is on horseback.
during the protestant reformation the catholic church became more corrupt so to fix the the problems that are going on in the church and to fight back against the protestants they made the inquisition . if you are found guilty by the inquisition you are either going to get tortured or you get burned on the stake or they put a vest on you that has a red cross on it to show that you are a heretic.
  • one of the other ways to fight against the protestant reformation was to fix some of the reforms.

the catholic church went by the theory of the earth was the center of the universe but many people in the scientific revolution have seen the opposite of what the church sees. with the use of the telescope scientists found the truth but the catholic church found this idea of the sun is in the middle of the universe heretical and against what the Catholics believe. a scientist Isaac newton laid out a description of three laws which are the newton's laws of motion.

one of the czars is catherine l aka (catherine the great). catherine l was heavily influenced by the enlightenment. catherine l completed peter's plan to make a russian orthodox church that subservient is to the czar. catherine l supported art, literature, philosophy by european models.

the enlightenment (age of reason) was going around 1685 - 1815 which inspired the french and american revolution.
john locke was one of the english philosopher and political theorist who laid down the groundwork for the enlightenment and deeply influenced the united states constitution.
one of the english philosophers and saw humans as self interested and find it hard to find peace without civil conflict.
the counter reformation (catholic reformation) was made by the catholic church to counter the protestant reformation.
on if the attempts by the catholic church to strike down the protestant reformation was to start the inquisition. the inquisition was made to strike down anyone who opposes the catholic church including protestants and heretics.
the counter reformation was mainly controlled by the pope they would pur people on trial for ether heresy or going against the catholic church.


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