Pasture Valley Newsletter January - February 2018

Proverbs 8:1 “ Does not wisdom call out? Does not understanding raise her voice? “

Where Hope is found

One after one the children come to our offices with a guardian or relative seeking assistance for their school fees to be paid or school clothes to be bought. The question is always asked whether they have parents and how they are supported. What strikes me the most is how about 70% of the time, the child responds that he/she does not know his/her father. The birth certificates also have a large blank space where the father’s details should be. The mothers bear the burden of trying to raise their children alone and the child remains fatherless. There is little protection for these children. In the last 2 months about 50 new children have been added to the Hope Outreach programme to try and help them with educational needs. Pasture Valley was asked to preach at a church near Ngololweni where 4 of our children also gave testimonies. Please pray for the fatherless.

New family members to Pasture Valley

Our family continues to grow with 3 new girls and one boy. The girls will go into Grade 1, 5 and Form 1 respectively and the boy will go into Grade 5 and spaces were found for them all at local schools. I cannot imagine how it must feel to be taken away from familiar environments and not knowing where you are being taken to. However Nelly (not her real name), was extremely brave. She came with only the clothes she wore. I stopped over at a shop and asked her to choose clothes for herself. It was the first time she had seen “town”. She pointed at a doll and a dress and the excitement on her face was too precious as she realized the items would be for her. Doing this brought a lump to my throat as I recalled a lady doing the same for me many years ago. I will never forget this act of kindness and it had a great impact on my life.

Annual outing

There was much excitement as we took all the children to the Nhlangano Royale Hotel. The children all took turns in the swimming pool and for some of the children it was their first time to ever get into a swimming pool. The children each had a sausage burger and chips and ice cream too. It was a beautiful sunny day

Bambanani Project reaches out to other areas

After 7 years, this is the first time Bambanani has branched out to other areas after a request from Swazi Vision. A small training team headed up north of Swaziland and met with a group of around 35 ladies to teach them how to make bags. The training was 3 days and the ladies said it was such a privilege to be able to teach others their skills. We have also received requests from Mozambique and South Africa to do some training and have a chance to bless more ladies to be able to empower themselves with skills to provide for their families. We are also grateful to all of you who support this project by purchasing the Bambanani products!

Walking by faith

The department of social welfare contacted Pasture Valley to assist with a family in need. The family lived in an old house with 5 children with ages 3-7 years old. The gogo (grandmother) could not walk and used her knees to move around on the floor. Her knees had large open wounds on them. She lives with her daughter who is blind and also needs care. We visited her home with the Project Glory team and brought food, cleaning materials, firewood and school clothes. When we arrived, the children had been out looking for fruit at their neighbour’s tree. They arrived back with a bag full of green avocados. The children danced in the room after the cleaning was done and a pathway was cut open to their home with the grass cutter. We can only hope that this family felt Jesus’s love that day.


  • Thankfulness for good rains all over the country
  • Thankfulness for homeschooling books received
  • Thankfulness for Sandile getting his driver’s licence
  • Thankfulness for help from teams and friends over February month to help with outreaches and children
  • Pray for more teachers to help with the children’s education at Pasture Valley
  • Pray for Happiness as she continues her chemotherapy
  • Pray for Siphelele as he starts his practical agricultural internship away from home
  • Thankfulness for Siyabonga getting an apprenticeship opportunity
New school books!
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