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"those who are called to do the work"
While here in Nairobi, I stopped at our other project and inspected the rebar cages. They have built 50, all perfectly made. We trained the Fundis and they did a great job- thanks to FB teachers, Art and Brian.
We have the technology
Faith Builders Ministries recognizes that missionaries need help with their task of taking the Gospel to the foreign mission field. Foreign missionaries require the construction of a variety of facilities allowing them to minister more effectively.
A 700 lb steel truss being raised in Port au Prince Haiti
Flipped upside down to move onto the wall plate
3 down - 9 to go
Welding more trusses
Faith Builders assists churches, para-church organizations, and missionaries with their construction projects.
When a missionary request construction assistance, we process the details with our advisory team. Upon approval, a survey trip is made to access and develop a construction management plan. At our base state side, we recruit and organize a project work team, initiate fundraising, and firm up traveling details. At the same time, construction project schedules are coordinated making the job site ready for team arrival. The project team travels to the foreign job site to work for 2 to 3 weeks.
Faith Builders reaches out across the globe to assist missionaries with constructing their ministry facilities by helping them to plan, organize, and build.
“...everyone whose heart was stirred to come and do the work..” Ex 36:2


John Wicks

P.O. Box 15173

Syracuse, New York 13215

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