Celebration of Solemn Communion At St. George's by-the-River Episcopal Church

On April 30th, 2017, St. George's by the River celebrated Solemn Communion for the following young parishioners:

Henry Flynn Bird

Lia Elizabeth Bonello

Mary Kate Bumber

Caroline Cambria

Sophia Cambria

Emmalyn Irianne

Sarah Irianne

Loudoun Ryder Izzo

Nyla Martin

Brody Mauro

Madeleine McConnell

Katelyn Molnar

Katherine Olson

Solemn Communion provides children with an opportunity to reflect upon the mystery of the Eucharistic presence of Christ

In the Episcopal Church, we believe that with Baptism comes the right to participate in the Eucharist and solemn communion only provides children the opportunity to more mindfully participate and understand our Eucharistic tradition

In the end, this time is about allowing the children to explore the mystery and wonder that exists in the gift of communion
"Receive the light of Christ so that you may walk as a child of the light"

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St. George's by the River Episcopal Church

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