Newsletter 26 March 2020

From the Desk of..

Mr Daniel Marsden - Head of Campus, Castle Hill

In October last year ABC Kids introduced Australia to ‘Bluey’, a TV show that revolves around a blue heeler, and her family. It has become the most popular Australian-made program for children, which means it is being watched more than the Wiggles or Play School.

There is an episode where Bluey’s family goes to the beach. Bluey spots a shell and asks Dad if she can show Mum, who has gone for a walk down the beach. For the first time, she is old enough to venture off on her own to catch up to Mum, who is now just a tiny speck walking in the distance. With an encouraging word from Bingo, she sets off. At this point, Bluey realises she has a lot of ground to cover and as she attempts to catch up, she encounters a few challenges along the way. They cause her to worry that she might not make it. Despite these encounters, she continues on her adventure and when the final challenge is almost too much to face, she remembers everything she has overcome to bring her to this point.

Right now, we are faced with COVID-19 and the uncertainty of how much it is going to impact our lives. For most of us, we are venturing off down the beach for the first time, as we are faced with something we have not experienced before. When you look at the year so far, we have already encountered many challenges, some that seemed too big to face. These challenges can impact our lives and can cause us to worry. With a bit of encouragement from others, we can focus on what God has already helped us overcome. He is our strength and our every present help. Jesus speaks about worrying and that we should not let it consume us and Paul encourages us not to be anxious about anything, but to present all our concerns and requests to God in prayer. This is our prayer for our school community during this time.

Lord, we feel the weight

Of raising children in turbulent times

Help us look beyond ourselves,

For our children are watching

Help us speak with compassion and dignity,

For our children are listening

Help us learn from experts and researchers,

For our children are following our lead

For our concerned children, may we help them feel safe

For our confused children, may we help them be informed

For our compromised children, may we help them stay well

We give thanks for your tenderness, mercy, and peace

May we remember we love in times of complexity and confusion

Because You first loved us

- Mr Daniel Marsden


Zoo Adventures

As part of our ‘Living Things’ unit in Science Stage 1 (Year 1 & 2) from Castle Hill and Kellyville visited the new Sydney Zoo. It was an overcast day, so most of the animals were out and just before we got on the bus it started to rain- God was really good. Fun was had by all!

- Mrs Savage

Science Fun!

Year 9

Year 9 students were modelling antibiotic resistance through using marshmallows and m&n's. Marshmallows represented the normal bacterial population whereas the m&n's represented antibiotic resistant bacteria. Over several rounds of antibiotic dosing, the growth of 'antibiotic resistant bacteria' excelled and were harder to 'kill' with the toothpick

- Mrs Wilson-Polak

Year 10

Year 10 students recently commenced learning about DNA and genetics. They built a model to represent the DNA double helix structure with phosphates, deoxyribose sugars and the four nitrogenous bases. A fun and engaging lesson!

- Mrs Wilson-Polak

Pyjama Day!

Kindergarten at Kellyville and Castle Hill have been learning the sound 'P" and on Monday 23 March, students dressed up in their pyjamas and enjoyed a tasty pancake breakfast!

Social Distancing in Practice!

Our students have embraced social distancing measures and our teachers have still been able to provide meaningful learning experiences after the announcements last week. Outdoor lessons and online Chapels have been a hit.

Hills Zone Swimming News

Hills Zone Swimming Carnival 2020

Hills Adventist College had a team of about 26 attend the Hills Zone Carnival. Everyone swam really well and we achieved some excellent results.


Zeke N – Multi Class swimmer of the event. Zeke also broke 3 records on the day! Congratulations Zeke.

Darcy A – 18B Runner Up Age Champion.

Preston A – 15B Age Champion

Senior Boys Freestyle Relay – 2nd

Senior Boys Medley Relay – 2nd

We have the most competitors ever qualifying for the next level AICES carnival: Darcy (7 Events), Preston (6 Events), Sapphrine (4 Events), Lance (2 Events), Maxim (4 Events), Eden (1 Event), Zeke (4 Events), Patrick (1 Event) and Ben V (4 Events). Awesome job!

At this stage the AICES Carnival has been cancelled for this term due to COVID 19, should the CIS Secondary carnival still go ahead later this year – best times from all AICES schools zone carnivals will be taken and submitted for CIS. So we will just have to keep hoping!

Thanks Mr Parmenter for managing the team and to several Mums for helping Mrs Reid with the timekeeping.

- Mrs Reid

Premier's Reading Challenge 2020

Want to get some extra reading in if you are schooling from home? What a great time to register for the Premier’s Reading Challenge 2020! Email: library@hills.adventist.edu.au with your name and grade, and we will get your login details to you. Imagine all the books you can read in the next few weeks! Borrow e-books from your local public library, or take home some extra books from school

- Ms Van Vliet, Library Assistant