A KS4 School Work Experience Like No Other Visable Enterprises

The Programme

Visable Enterprises offers KS4 students an experiential overview of developing and running their own trading business


  • Individual students can attend 1 to 3 days a week running for the 38 week school year.
  • The enterprise 'Company' is formed with other students from the area.
  • Experienced facilitators with a diverse range of business specialisms to support the emerging needs of the student company.
  • Corporate Relationship Lead to create partnerships between the student company and relevant local businesses
  • Set within our own existing businesses to provide real life customer service experience and consumer-led enterprise performance indicators
  • Trainee progress recorded and promoted through our in-house documentary and social media channels.
  • All trainees and schools to receive their online e-MAP (employability Multimedia Achievement Passport) as a record of their year's journey.
  • Flexible location options: if preferred, training can initially take place within the school to allow students to become familiar with their facilitator before transitioning into our Visable business premises
Visable Enterprises brings the world of work TO their trainees, until they feel confident enough to enter it themselves.

Developing Entrepreneurs

Resilience, perseverance, confidence, motivation and creativity.

These are just some of the skills associated with the identifying and seizing of self serving opportunities. And often these skills are absent in job seekers that have not felt engaged with the traditional education system.

We teach the entrepreneurial skills needed to create opportunity for themselves.
Gatsby Benchmarks

Visable Enterprises has been designed to be fully mindful of the expectations defined by the Gatsby Benchmarks:

  1. A stable careers programme
  2. Learning from career and labour market information
  3. Addressing the needs of each pupil
  4. Linking curriculum learning to careers
  5. Encounters with employers and employees
  6. Experiences of workplaces
  7. Encounters with further and higher education
  8. Personal guidance

Here are the ways we hope to incoporate the benchmarks to offer an outstanding stable careers programme to school students.

Learning from Career and Labour Market Information: Throughout the year, students will be supported through the process of starting up and running a business from scratch, as determined by their own ideas. At each stage they will experience all the different roles within their business, with highlighted links to real life career examples and further information. In this way, students are better able to identify which type of roles they enjoy and are suited to, and how best to progress towards similar roles in the real world.

Information and signposting career opportunities and pathways

The type of enterprise developed by the students will be led by them. But examples of some of the roles students may encounter include product design and development, market research, branding and design, promotion and advertising, digital media, sales, finance, stock management and customer service.

Addressing the Needs of Each Pupil: recognising and supporting the aspirations of individuals is at the heart of everything we do at The Sand Project. Even when working as a group, students will demonstrate stengths and confidence in their own preferred areas, on which we can advise and offer direction. Part of their training will be identifying this in themselves and others, and using this information to best serve the business and their own work related learning.

Throughout this process, individual progress in work readiness is promoted in the 8 key skills, as defined by our partners Skillsbuilder

Linking Curriculum Learning to Careers: As teachers, we believe purposeful 'real life' learning increases motivation and engagement, and deepens understanding in students. Work related numeracy and literacy will be embedded throughout the course, differentiated across all entry levels according to the needs of the students.

Students will be encouraged to engage with the National Numeracy Challenge that monitors and promotes progress in core real life maths learning
Students will also be encouraged to contribute to our in-house magazine, VISABLE INC

Encounters with employers and employees: The Sand Project understands the importance of industry partnerships. The training we provide to all our young people has to live up to the standards required and defined by their future employers. By working with local businesses from the outset, we can ensure our trainees are gaining helpful insights and relevant understanding of the workplace whilst developing relationships with the people that they might one day be working with.

Corporate Relations Lead, Beki, has extensive experience as the once Enterprise Coordinator in West Sussex. With her background in recruitment, training and enterprise education she will be ensuring trainees have access to the best matched businesses to support their growing enterprises. Beki also promotes the business benefits of employing our SEND young people and will be identifying the SEND Employer Ambassors in our work community.

Experiences of Workplaces: As well as the work visits into partner industries, our Visable programme has the unique advantage of offering training within its own diverse range of up and running businesses.

Students will have the opportunity to work in our cafe, kitchen, creative media hub and art related projects as part of developing - and later selling - their own products.

Not only are we experienced teachers, but we each have a specialist business interest which is specifically matched to trainees, to suit their interests and potential career pathways. Our aim is to create a supportive working environment, different from the classroom experience they will be used to. They will be treated as employees in our business in which we facilitate their progression towards independence and an entrepreneurial spirit!

Meet the Team

Curriculum and Enterprise Development Lead, Kate, was a maths teacher and education resource designer before founding The Sand Project and Visable Inc magazine. Literacy and Numeracy feature highly on her agenda! Kate will be leading the creative media pathways, such as writing, illustration, filmmaking and graphic design.
Food Technology Curriculum and Development Lead, Marita, is a Design and Technology teacher with experience in setting up and running businesses. She joined The Sand Project and supported the development of the Visable training programme. Marita will be supporting trainees in all areas of the food and drink industry, from living skills to commercial preparation and product development.
With a background in CYP Health and Social Care, business coordinator Leigh Anna went on to work with schools and groups within the community, developing intitiatives such as housing projects, reducing digital isolation and using art as a communication tool. Leigh Anna will be supporting trainees in creative arts, upcycling and gardening pathways.

Meet our Employees

Our team will be working around the cohort, and there will of course be time to socialise and for our visitors to find out more about what they do and how they got there

Encounters with further and higher education: the traditional college pathways promoted through schools may not be suitable for all leavers. We hope time at Visable will demonstrate the many alternative opportunites that COULD be available with the right support, and a little bit of innovation.

Libby was one of our first trainees before the provision was launched. We are delighted to say she is now an employee of The Sand Project! Libby is responsible for all in-house design work and will be doing an Apprenticeship from September 2019, training whilst she earns. Libby will be the first SEND apprentice EVER in West Sussex. Trainees will have the opportunity to work with Libby during their busines start up and hopefully be inspired by her journey - not to mention her fantastic talent as a content producer.
To increase chances of Social Mobility we need to support as many young people as possible in identifying these aspirational and accessible pathways.

Personal guidance:

Although schools are already taking on this responsibility, we are able to offer an additional service with a qualified Careers Advisor who will provide individual feedback for each student.

Interview Induction Day

Once schools have identified suitable students for the programme, they will be invited to our Interview Induction Day.

For students, this is an opportunity to meet us and have a taste of a company induction day, involving:

  • warm up games
  • apprentice style teamwork activity
  • individual interview with one of the team
  • written performance feedback for the day
  • option to access our qualified Careers Advisor for personal advice and feedback

For us, this will be a crucial time of getting to know each student better and allocating appropriate groups to each facilitator. It is also a time to ensure each student is suitable for the course, and any concerns can be addressed before the programme starts.


We are now open for registration for September 2019-20

For more information, or to register your interest, please email kate@thesandproject.co.uk

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