The Legacy of the Quarterback by: blanca estrada

For senior Jimmy Martin, getting to the position he is right now wasn't always easy. He was introduced to football at a young age, and was coached by his father from first through eight grade while he played for the Arlighton Heights Cowboys. At just 4-years-old, Martin already knew he wanted to play football for Prospect.

Everyone said 'I want to be a fireman or an astronaut' mine said 'I want to be a Prospect football player.'
Martin's fourth grade assignment "When I Grow Up." (Courtesy of Jimmy Martin's twitter)

Martin considers his father to be his biggest influence. James Martin, graduating class of 1987, played football at Prospect all four years. (Fifth person from top left)

His name is Jimmy Martin, he wore number 10, and he also played football at Prospect, so that's the biggest thing pushing me.

Although Martin is focused during every game, it is hard for him to ignore the chanting of his name by The Underground section.

It's indescribable...there's not really a way to describe it

Additionally, his parents are present in every football game. They always sit on top by the 15-yard-line ready to cheer on Martin.

It was a dream of Martin to be named the quarterback during junior year. However, he never played quarterback until high school, so he had to adapt to a new environment. During this last off-season, Martin went to a quarterback coach in order to improve on his mechanics. Nevertheless, if Martin doesn't do as good as he expected, he knows he has the support of his coaches and teammates.

Every game Coach DeBouef is always telling me to get better and better and to improve in every game.
Martin visiting Eastern Illinois, Minnesota State, Winona State, and Lake Forest College.

Martin is considering continuing football in college. Although many schools have recruited him, he is still deciding where to attend.

Martin is aware that he has a large role when he's in the football field. However, he doesn't feel pressure because he's an intrusive motivated individual.

I feel like I could trust my teammates and they can count on me

Furthermore, Martin says that he isn't the only one on the team that gets people going. Senior Michael Shafis and Senior Michael Cima are other football players that motivate the football players when they need it.

As Martin prepares to graduate this year, he wants to leave the football program in a better place than how it was. He considers one of the factors to be making it to the playoffs.

For Martin wins and losses are crucial, but as a senior leader, he wants to be remember as someone who always kept people together, who was good to under-classman, a good captain, and a good person.

I want to be remember as a good football player...but when I really look back, I wanna make sure people never questioned my character and the one who loved to do the right thing
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Blanca Estrada


Jimmy Martin and Erick Velazquez

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