children at war By: Maylen & Guillermo

Children are effected by war because instead of getting an education children are doing labor work. Children over the age of 16 must stop school and be put to work. Children assisted their parents in the fields and household chores. Parents send in there children in for work to collect family income. The task Children perform were difficult, or impossible, for adults to accomplish. As with adults, many children had their lives cut short through injury and disease brought on by poor working conditions. Children not in war get 18 years max of education, however children in war do not.

Children are physically and emotionally effected by war. Being scared day after day whether their lives are gonna be cut short due to the environment they live in. Below is a picture or children hiding out in a bomb dugout to protect they're lives to live another day. You can also notice they have no parents with them, parents sacrifice there live in the war and send there kids to safety. The kids are also more at risk of diseases due to the living conditions around them.

Children also do not get the proper medical attention when needed . Some kids died because of the lack of medical supply to treat them when they get sick. A child's immune system is too weak to fight off a sickness which causes the child to get more sick. Because of the lack of or medical attention solders fought a specific way to salver.

Above are dated medical supply in the war.


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