If there is a better city... I haven't been! Sydney Never fails to surprise and is a great starting point to any Australian Itinerary.

It's never easy to plan that first day, you don't know how much energy you will have and how you're going to feel. It's important to get a walk in, but not to over do it. After a long flight we decided to hit the ground running. We started the trip off with a welcome from the local Aboriginal tribe in Sydney and learnt a little more about the foundation of the country and the local Aborginal culture. For example, did you know that it is the worlds oldest living culture? and that their Dreamtime refers to the Indigenous interpretation of world's creation. Aboriginal people believe that humans and nature co-exist, one is no greater that the other. It is thought that some of their ancestors changed into nature, where they live on spiritually.

Language, Art, Hunting, Music, Bush Tucker and History. All within 1 hour of landing!

We quickly moved on and met up with a friend of mine who runs a "Long Lunch Tour" of Sydney harbor. An absolutely perfect way to ease into a day, this harbour city is truly one of the worlds finest. With its countless bays and beaches, this tour takes you to some amazing places and stops at some iconic restaurants along the way. Moments after boarding this luxury vessel we have a cold beer in our hands and quickly forget about the 16 hour flight we just come from. Shortly after, we are visiting our first restaurant, the famous Doyles on the Beach for our first course (I couldn't resist the scallops). The next stop was the Public Dining Room in Balmoral and my oh my... that seafood stew🤤. We were lucky enough to have some great company along the way with some other industry folk and locals to Sydney. A day to remember.

Great views, great company and great food!

That evening plans changed a little... as they do. The Bridge climb had to be rescheduled as we are now over out legal limit to climb the Harbor Bridge... Limit is .04!! 😱 But we continued on our evening walkabout, experiencing the Captain Cook Dinner Cruise and the new regions of this brilliantly vibrant city.

One of the best things about this research trips is finding product just like these. Two amazing options for that daunting first day. First a walking tour and the other was all about recharging. A perfect combination. Thanks to Tane @ Sydney Princess Cruises and Margeret @ Dreamtime SouthernX for an amazing day.

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Evan McElligott


Photos by Evan McElligott 

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