Career By:Maria Hernandez

My three themes

Future thinker, Caring, Relating

Future thinker

A future thinker can be anyone that has the open mind to vision beyond the task that is in front of them.

As a future thinker I look forward to see myself being one of the greatest doctors.


Displaying kindness and concern for others.

I should always care about my patient health and how their taking care of them self.


When you compare with another person.

I would compare myself to one of my patient to see if we have the same thing.

I was surprised by the results because their where so clear to me and alsO reading the description made me think that i wasnt so bad aFterall.

My Career: Doctor

A doctor is someone who helps any kind of people like teens, baby's and older people. And also helping them with any kind of medicines they need and also problems that they have.


The average California doctors can expect is about 187,200 In a year.

A salary is not important to me as saving life's and helping people.


In many place they expect more doctors and also its important to have this career right know.

The reason why I want to become a doctor is because I would like to safe innocent life's.

Required Education

  1. Earn a bachelor degree
  2. Take the medical admission test
  3. Enroll in medical school
  4. Complete medical residency
  5. Obtain licensure

CollEge Major

I like to study medicine to go to the medical field because it will help me to become a doctor.

Thank you 💋

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