Native Americans By Will Bolger and David Cook

Dawes Act of 1887

  • The Dawes Act was was adopted by congress on February 8,1887
  • This act allowed the president to survey Native American Tribes land and divide it to individual groups within a tribe.
  • The author was Senator Henry Dawes from Massachusetts
  • It was made to protect Indian property rights

Boarding Schools

  • The first Native American boarding school was established in 1860.
  • In the 1880s, the US operated 60 schools for 6,200 students
  • Richard Henry Pratt created the first off reservation boarding school in Carlisle, Pennsylvania.
  • He had a motto of, “Kill the Indian, save the man.” Which was another way of saying change the Native Americans into whites.
  • Boarding schools would attack Native American culture like cutting off the long braids of the boys.

Native American Spiritual and Culture

  • There was over 1,000 tribes in America when Europeans first came to America. All tribes were different
  • Native Americans had different beliefs depending on where they live. For example, Native Americans that lived in the Great Plains thought there spirit was the sun and the sky.
  • Most Native Americans do not believe in a god, instead they believe that earth and nature are there spirits.
  • Some also believe that earth is there permanent home.
  • The reason why Native Americans treated earth and nature so kindly was because they thought earth was their sacred mother, they wanted to treat her with respect and care for her.

Native Americans Today

  • 22% of the 5.2 million Native Americans in the US live on tribal land
  • Depending on the reservation, four to eight out of ten adults on reservations are unemployed
  • The average life expectancy for Native Americans has improved yet still trails that of other Americans by almost 5 years
  • Native Americans are 177% are more likely to die from diabetes and 500% more likely to die from tuberculosis.

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